Blogs, social networks are intricate business tools
Denice Doss

The internet has changed the way people do business for ever. From selling items on Ebay to having a website, the internet is definitely something that is here to stay. One of those internet features is blogging. Blogging is becoming so popular and more and more businesses are using it as promotion tools. All it takes is a template and a little time on your hands to have your thoughts broadcast on the web.

An effective business blog takes a commitment of time, resources and intellectual energy. Unless you are committed to producing a quality, well-written blog and are committed to updating that blog on a regular basis, don’t even bother starting.

The worst business blogs are the ones where it is clear that the writer is winging it, just writing whatever comes to mind. A business must approach its blog in the same way it would approach any other marketing or branding campaign–with planning, staffing, execution and monitoring.

By following these steps, your small business can take the first steps towards a highly successful business blog:

• Don’t blog because everybody is doing it. Blog with a plan in mind to focus on products and services.

• You are blogging for the health of your business so know who you are trying to attract. Identify your target audience.

• One of the biggest reasons to fail is because they are not budgeted for in terms of personal and financial commitment. If you are going to blog about your business it must become an integral part of your operation.

• Plan the blog entries, once a week, every day, whatever it is—stick to it. This is not a game, it is part of your advertising and promotion for your business. Take it seriously.

• Blogs are two way so when you get feedback, listen to your customers. Analytics can help you to determine how you are doing. Google Analytics is one free package that you might use to install on your site for analyzing feeback.

• It’s great to have a blog but you must get the word out. Announce it on your Facebook and Twitter. To get the title of your post on Twitter and still stay within 140 characters, shorten your URL with a site like

To monitor your success in social media, there are plenty of tools including Topsy, Facebook Insights or Hootsuite. If you commit to writing a business blog, then commit to having one that is well written, of interest to your target audience and is refreshed on a regular basis. A great blog can be a valuable business development tool. A lousy one can damage your brand and your reputation in your industry.

Business success has taken on a new face. Blogging will be a great asset to your business when done correctly.

Until next time I leave you with this...Praise can be your most valuable asset as long as you don’t aim it at yourself.

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