Watch credit cards and don’t get ‘skimmed’
Ted Hubert

How many times have you eaten at a restaurant and the waitress takes your card and disappears from view?

It could be very easy to make a copy of your card. Make a counterfeit card and start taking $500 out of your bank account every 24 hours until you either notice this activity in your bank statement or the money is gone.

When you use the ATM for quick cash or gone to a service station and insert your card do you think about the possibility of having the information on your card stolen?

It is easily done in this day and time. A minute device placed inside the pump, records the data on the card.

The stolen information is delivered to organized groups in foreign countries. Black market forums online is used to buy and sell the equipment to “skim” stolen credit/debit card information.

Someone may be skimming” your debit card or your credit card when closing a transaction. The employee can swipe the card through an electric skimming device that records the card’s data.

You need to watch the clerk to see that the card is not swiped more than once. Swiping the card more than once seems common. At times the clerk will ask you for the card again because the information did not go through.

The salesperson claims the card did not activate the purchase, so, you are asked to give the card back to the sales person to try again. Skimming is a huge business and growing. If you are a victim of some telemarketing scam or your identity has been stolen, you should contact the local authorities and/or the United States Secret Service Field office in Waco, 254-741- 0576 or the Secret Service Field office in Austin, Texas 512-916- 5103.

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