Potty training has our family ‘pooped’ out
Marie Bakken

Whoever told me that potty-training girls is easier than potty-training boys is dead wrong. In 15 years when our now three-yearold daughter is reading this in horror she will appreciate my hubby Buck and me a little more.

To say that Hannah is strongwilled is an understatement. Now, before we go any further, if you get grossed out by the words “pee” and “poop,” please stop reading at this point, and if you don’t well then, you have been warned.

We have been trying to potty train Hannah for about nine months and mind you she has made some progress, but only at the expense of my gray hair and her Daddy’s now thinning crown.

The pooping issue was settled in about three months when she finally realized it was really gross to have that in your diaper and also that she received a prize (or money if she is at Mama Kay’s house) for going in the potty. After that “milestone” we let her start to wear pull-ups.

Well, because she has a diva persona, it could only be a certain type of princess pullup. Oh, and it can not have the Disney princess Belle on it. Not quite sure what Belle did to offend my daughter, but she is not welcomed in the Bakken home.

As the months have gone on, the pooping part has gone very well, but the peeing, not so much. We have tried the prizes, the money, the telling her she has to wear diapers if she pees in the pull-up. Heck, we’ve even begged.

On the suggestion of my sister in-law Sherry, I took Hannah to the store to pick her out some “big girl underwear” at the store about six weeks ago. We let her pick them out and everything. We told her she could wear them if she didn’t pee in the pull-ups. Well, we took them home, washed them and went to let her try them on.

You would have thought we were offering her arsenic. She screamed and ran off to the other end of the house. She had no interest in the “big girl underwear” or that the pee was running down her leg.

Since then she has shown a little interest in the whole idea, including waking up her Daddy and I at 3 o’clock in the morning to pee. Even big brother Bradley has tried to encourage her to use the big potty. Of course, he thinks if Hannah gets a prize that he should too. He doesn’t remember how he got ALL those Thomas the Train toys.

Then last Sunday morning Hannah woke up and wanted to wear “big girl underwear,” just out of the blue.

She made it all the way through children’s church and back home and through lunch without an accident. A tiny step on this big ladder of toddlerhood.

Buck and I were discussing that maybe we just had to wait until she was ready. And at that very moment, she looked right at us and made a huge puddle on the living room floor.

Guess the training will continue for both Hannah and her pooped out parents.


On a lighter (and cleaner) note, I want to use this space to wish my husband Buckwind a happy 10th anniversary.

We have been through a lot in this first decade of our life together. I can’t wait to see what adventures and memories are around the bend for the next decade.

I love you, Buck.

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