‘We can have a Y, if we want it’

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Gary Griesbach, MDD chairman Gary Griesbach, MDD chairman “If we want this, I think it can happen.”

Gary Griesbach, chairman of the Rockdale Municipal Development District board, continues to be optimistic that a YMCA facility can be acquired for the Rockdale area.

A February meeting drew about 80 enthusiastic backers and the MDD has continued to work on the project over the past five months.

Most recently, the MDD is forming a partnership with the school district, hospital district and city in an attempt to gauge interestinbringingaYfacilitytoSouth Milam County.

And a marketing study is in the works to gauge the full extent of interest.

PARTNERS—“I’m not sure people fully understand about the Y and what it offers,” Griesbach said. “Of course, it’s a place to go work out but it’s so much more than that.”

Williamson County facilities offer programs through area schools and hospitals.

“School swim teams use the Y facilities,” Griesbach said. “I’ve seen classes, given by medical organizations, in which overweight people work out in YMCA water facilities to lose weight.”

“It’s truly a partnership of many facets of the community and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish here.”

‘WITHOUT WALLS’— Griesbach sees the potential for community building in the Y effort.

“I’ve thought for a long time we’ve needed something here for young families with young children,” he said.

“This is something which could offer activities for those families,” Griesbach said.

In fact, programs would probably precede the facility.

“If the interest is there, we might have a fe w yea rs of ‘prog ram s without walls,’ ac tivities offered be fore a fac ility is bui lt,” he said.

Those prog ram s cou ld gener - ate momentum towards building a faci lity.

BO TT OM LI NE— Grie sbach says com munity supp ort is vital.

“The part nering, the market ing st ud y are steps,” he said. “ Th e bot tom line is goin g to be how much interest there is.”

While Willia mso n Count y YMC A of ficials ha ve been sup - portive of the local effor t, Gr iesbac h said t he ba ll is f ir mly in Mi la m Coun ty ’s “c ou r t,” so to spe ak.

“It’s up to us,” he said . “If a YMCA happe ns in Rockdale it’s go ing to be becaus e we want it to happen.”

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