Energizer Bunny, Tazmanian ‘Angel’, That’s our Reese
Kathy Cooke

Bill and I have been very lucky lately to get to spend a little more time than usual with our grandson, 18-month old Reese.

Bill (or B, as he is called by Reese) and I are also realizing we are going to have to invest in some super-strength, anti-aging, energy vitamins in order to keep up with the little Dynamo.

Now I know where the idea for the “Energizer Bunny” on the battery commercial came from. Bet it was a grandparent.

I also know where the idea of those leashes for kids came from.

Reese is a morning person. He wakes up in the mornings and throws our bedroom door open, the door hits the wall with a loud bang and Reese goes “Hi!”

That’s it, every morning.

Bang! “Hi!”

But that one little word is soon followed by a constant stream of babble and we are never quite sure what happened so interesting on the way from his bed to our room. But evidently something did.

Or maybe he is telling us about a super cool dream that he had.

Bill thinks it’s funny because Reese wakes up just like I do. My eyes open in the mornings, followed by my mouth. I’ve been that way all my life.

So it is LuLu and Reese up in the mornings, dancing to “The Mickey Mouse Club house. Come inside, it’s fun inside.” I go to work with that song stuck in my head all day.

But then at night, when he finally winds down and it’s time to go to sleep, he snuggles in my lap with his bear and his blanket. He’s all clean and he smells so good.

I run my fingers through his curly hair, which seems to hypnotize him. I kiss his forehead about a hundred times and instantly, all is right with the world.

This little carbon-copy of his Mama, letting me glimpse the past, when I used to put her to sleep much the same way. When I was a Mama and somebody thought I had all the answers.

This little man owns my heart.

And LuLu can’t stop smiling.

Grandchildren. Man, oh man.

Could God have made anything better?

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