City Council at root of business problems

Dear editor,

I am what some people would call a newcomer, having lived in Rockdale only seven years.

However, when my wife an I moved here, there were far more businesses in town than there are now.

For instance, there was an HEB, Church’s Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and a Mexican restaurant called Rancho Grande.

They are all closed and out of business and very few, if any, have taken their place. In fact, there are only two businesses that I can recall that have started and remained here.

The reason for this, in my opinion, is quite simple, the Rockdale City Council. This is an entity that simply does not want new business in this town and will do anything to keep it out.

I personally know of at least three businesses that have tried to open here and have been told a flat “no” by the city council.

In fact, one person tried to open an antique business here, after a rather long argument with both the city council and planning & zoning commission, and was forced to close that business because the city raised her taxes to the point that it was no longer possible.

July 7, the front page heading of The Reporter was “ We can have a YMCA, if we want it.”

After talking to several people, including Gary Griesbach, the Municipal Development District (MDD) chairman, it is becoming apparent most people, including myself and my wive, do want the Y here.

Not only do we want it here, it is imperative the Y come here. This could be the door opener for other businesses to locate here and to help improve the sagging economy.

Any time a town like Rockdale, and Milam County, has continual unemployment of over 10 percent, any business that it trying to locate here should be welcomed with open arms, not put through the wringer about how they plan to operate their business, how many people they will employ, where they are going to locate, etc.

I urge everyone who reads this letter to contact their council person and demand the Y be welcomed here.

Then contact Mr. Griesbach and tell him you support his efforts to get the Y here.

If it is not accepted, then I urge the people of Rockdale to petition to dissolve the MDD and I urge them to consider recalling any and all council members who refused to allow businesses into this city.

Glenn Landrum

1501 Highland


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