We’ve bought our last box of diapers... yipee
Marie Bakken

I just want to say a huge “tha nk you” to whichever of ourreaders whohasaspecial connection to the “Pott y Training

Fairy.” I wrote in this space four weeks ago about how we were hav ing problems with our th ree- year- old daughter Hannah and her trials and tribu lations with her being pott y trained.

Apparently the mag ic word was “Dora.” Who knew? She now ow ns several pairs of Dora under we ar and several new purses for prizes.

We are still putting pull- ups on her at nig ht, but we finally used up our last box of diapers th is weekend. It was a little bit tersweet for both me and husba nd Buck. It seems like just yesterday that I was hold ing a sweet little newborn princess in my arms.

But then I remember how much we are going to save by not having to buy diapers. Buck and I both did a lit tle “happy dance.”


With school being out, our five- year- old son Bradley says he is “bored.” So in the evenings we have been playing a lot outside. Unfortunately we are having to wait until nearly 8 o’clock before it is cool enough and by that time the mosquitoes are star ting to swarm. Since our yard has little trees and is wide open, Brad ley had taken an interest in kicking the soccer ball.

He always has to show us his “super- duper- power kick,” which is so hard it nearly broke a front window. Needless to say he does not kick the ball towards the house anymore.


A final note, for some crazy reason, I had the idea to plant a garden in the spring in our back yard. Yeah, I know... it was stupid to do in the middle of a drouth. The garden has yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe and three different ty pes of watermelons.

The bell peppers are growing slowly but surely and the tomatoes we had to replant, but the cantaloupe and watermelons are ready to eat.

The cantaloupes are very tasty and sweet and the watermelons are nice and juicy.

Home- grown fruit and vegetables may be the norm for lots of folks around here, but for me it bri ngs a sense of accomplishment.

My family had acres of gardens when I was growing up. I ma inly remember having to go pull weeds when we would get into trouble.

I nor mally have a “black thumb” rather than “green thumb” when it comes to plants, hence why I have many wind chimes and not pot plants on the front porch. So eating the fruits and veggies out of my own garden makes them taste even bet ter.

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