Deed Without Warranty

Janet R. Rader to Paul Brockenbush – Ackerman Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,151, p. 276).

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Kevin Billingsley to Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc. – W.W. Lewis Survey A-30 (v. 1,151, p. 194).

Warranty Deeds

Charles D. Osborn and Evelyn Q. Osborn to North Milam Water Supply Corp. – James Bradford Survey A-81 (v. 1,151, p. 165).

Dorothy Chaddock to Bill Foster – three tracts, James Reese Survey (v. 1,151, p. 262).

Araujo Jose Alvarez and Renovato Tomasa Pina to Ignacio Saldana- Castro – Hillyer Height Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,151, p. 330).

H. David Worden and Wanda Lou Worden to Jonathan Oviedo and Anthony Oviedo – Aycock Addition, Cameron (v. 1,151, p. 337).

Chester E. Hays et al to Sheldon H. Hays – Lot 8, Block 2, Lester Heights Addition, Cameron (v. 1,151, p. 462).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Ruby M. Keegan and Donald J. Keegan to Mario C. Gonzalez and Dora E. Gonzalez – William Pharrass Survey A-291 (v. 1,151, p. 149).

Christopher Murdock Dorner and Blair Remick Dorner to Robert M. Ellett – Charles Small Survey A-334 (v. 1,151, p. 184).

Bennie Ebertowski, Billy Revis and Sherry Revis to Central Church of Christ in Cameron, Walter Hurd, Frank Ewing and Curtis Hoyle, trustees – Ebertowski & Revis Subdivision, Cameron (v. 1,151, p. 230).

Pennie Jo Ross fka Pennie Honea and Gene Ross to Jennifer Oprisu – Mrs. Willie R. Timmins Survey A-457 (v. 1,151, p. 242).

Gary Edward Smith and James Wesley Carr to Marvin Joe Ralston and Beverley A. Ralston (v. 1,151, p. 479).

Special Warranty Deeds

Roberta Tillery to Paul Brockenbush – Ackerman Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,151, p. 274).

Lochow Ranch Master Limited Partnership, Lochow Ranch GP LLC, general partner, and Harold John Lochow, manager, to Donna M. Lochow – Jackson and Turner Surveys (v. 1,151, p. 333).

Special Warranty Deed

With Vendor’s Lien

Steve Tomek to Jason Tomek and Stacey Tomek – W.W. Lewis Survey (v. 1,151, p. 400).

Assumption Warranty Deed

Christine Dellinger- Clemens to Joerg Taeger – Lots 11-15, Block 43, Milano Junction (v. 1,151, p. 458).

Quitclaim Deed

Eddie A. Huntsman Sr. and Merri Poa Stanford to Merri Stanford and Eddie A. Huntsman Jr. – 205 E. 20th St, Cameron, Lot 7, Block 6, Terral Heights Addition (v. 1,151, p. 433).

Gift Deed

Lizzie J. Lucas to Shirley J. Sharp et al (v. 1,151, p. 278).

Sheriff’s Deed

Sheriff David E. Greene and Ronnie Vinikoff to Gary Thweatt – Jose Leal Survey A-290 (v. 1,151, p. 223).

Partition Deed

Shirley J. Sharp et al to Shriley J. Sharp et al (v. 1,151, p. 286).

Substitute Trustee Deeds

Faye Pecht, substitute trustee, Rock Eanes and Deana Eanes to Wells Fargo Bank NA – Griffis Acres, Rockdale (v. 1,151, p. 308).

John W. Latham, substitute trustee, and Travis J. Voigt to Wells Fargo Bank NA – Jackson Hall Survey A-189 (v. 1,151, p. 312).

Oil and Gas Leases

William G. Westbrook Jr. et al to Twin Resources LLC (v. 1,151, p. 94).

Asa Mantzey aka Allessandra Agostinelli-Mantzey to Twin Resources LLC – Mariano Moro Survey A-250 (v. 1,151, p. 104).

I.M. Floyd Living Trust and B.J. Floyd Living Trust, Barbara Floyd and Daniel Edward Floyd, trustees, to Twin Resources LLC – Charles Bigelow Survey A-100 (v. 1,151, p. 110).

Brian C. Robinson to Twin Resources LLC – Mariano Moro Survey A-250 (v. 1,151, p. 116).

Bertrand Fields and Grace Fields to Twin Resources LLC – C. Wells Survey A-190 to Twin Resources LLC (v. 1,151, p. 122).

Evan M. Robinson to Twin Resources LLC – Mariano Moro Survey A-250 (v. 1,151, p. 131).

Patricia Ann Robinson Raymond to Twin Resources LLC – Mariano Moro Survey A-250 (v. 1,151, p. 137).

Mike Terrell and Karen Terrell to Twin Resources LLC (v. 1,151, p. 351).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Rose Lynn Robinson Prudencio aka R.L. Robinson to Twin Resources LLC – Mariano Moro Survey A-250 (v. 1,151, p. 143).

R.L. Batte III to Exploration Techniques Inc. – Herman Becker Survey A-434 (v. 1,151, p. 255).

Probate Cases Filed

Lennice McAdams applied for the Deborah Kotrola Estate – letters testamentary (PR10768).

John Kelley Clark and Neill Wayne Clark applied for the Arnell Graves Bailey Estate – letters testamentary (PR10767).

Karen Reynolds applied for the Maxine D. Inman Estate – letters testamentary (PR10769).


Civil Cases Filed

Milam County vs. Lonnie Simmons et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. David Kenneth Tatum et al – tax case.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co vs. Denise Annette Wallace – consumer/commercial debt.

Equable Ascent Financial LLC vs. Christopher Hooks – consumer/ commercial debt.

Thorndale ISD vs. Unknown Heirs of Santiago Hinostrosa et al – tax case.

Ebco General Contractor Ltd. vs. Cratus Development LLC – consumer/ commercial debt.

Citibank NA vs. Andrew S. Springer – consumer/commercial debt.

Citibank NA vs. Patsy A. Vrazel – consumer/commercial debt.

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