Tigers have the talent to be successful


I t’s official. After a month of speculation, innuendo, guesstimates, secrets and lies, what had already been known was confirmed.

Daniel Brooks will not be wearing the blue and gold next season.

As was reported right here two weeks ago and had been rumored for over a month, Brooks finally revealed his plans Thursday at the 7-on-7 state tournament.

Brooks’ father Tony grabbed up a job with the Port Comfort Alcoa plant and will live in Port Lavaca.

Only a fool would fault someone for doing what was best for their family.

What has everyone’s hackles in an uproar is the way it was handled.

Rockdale Coach Jeff Miller and Brooks’ teammates were left twisting in the wind while pondering what they were going to do if Brooks did not return.

Miller had to find out second hand from a website recruiting service guy of Brooks’ decision before he was finally forced to confront him and get the truth out of him Thursday as 7-on-7 play concluded.

After several attempts to contact Tony Brooks in the past few weeks to no avail, Miller finally talked to him— on Friday—a day after he was told of the decision.

He had been telling co-workers for weeks that Daniel was going to play at Calhoun.

“I am happy for the family,” Miller said. “It’s a great opportunity, a better job and situation for them. I want the best for them. It would be very selfish of me not to want that. It’s a difficult decision to make.

“But, obviously, I would have like to have known sooner, so we could have prepared more.

“I’m sorry they are not going to be playing here this season, Daniel is a fun player to watch. More importantly, he and Elijah are both great kids and you want as many kids like that in your program that you can get.

“I know they would both really like to play here.”

Brooks was finally allowed to be reflective.

“I’ve been playing ball with these guys since I can remember,” Brooks said. “I wish we would have had a better performance (at 7-on-7).

“I’ve been down to Port Lavaca and worked out a little bit and have been to the beach, but I’m going to miss Rockdale.”

Now, with just 11 days before two-a-days, Miller and his coaching staff have to devise a completely new offensive scheme, when they could have been doing this six weeks ago.

For the first time, the Alcoa closing almost three years ago has put its imprint on the athletic program

However, there will be a football season this fall and the Tigers will participate in it.

“Obviously we want them playing here,” Miller said, “but we have to accept it and look at it as another challenge and win with what we have here.

“There is enough talent on this team for us to be successful. We have a lot of good players here. We’re just going to have to find other kids to take their places.”

We all wish the Brooks family well and its time to move on.

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