Last week of an 11 year journey
Denice Doss

This is my last week at the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce. I leave with excitement on the new venture and a sadness because I will miss this place. I will miss the people who call because they know the Chamber is the place with all of the answers. We are definitely the “go-to” place and people recognize that and depend on us to have those answers.

I will miss my weekly column on the radio and in the newspaper. That has been so much fun. I will miss this office that has become a part of me and leaving it is like a piece of me is left behind. But most of all I will miss “you.” Those of you who commented on something in my column, those of you who thanked me for the things the Chamber is involved in, the businesses who appreciated our efforts to help with their marketing, the volunteers who were so willing to do anything.

All of these are parts of the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce and they have been ingrained in my life for 11 years. I don’t take leaving lightly because I always felt it was such an important position in our town. And it still is. As the new person comes in I ask that you all give them the same support you always gave me. This office is only as good as the community it serves and we have a great community. So your assignment is to make the new person feel welcome and included in the day to day activity that is the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce.

I couldn’t leave without thanking two very important people, my two assistants. Sherry Jenkins served at the Chamber for 15 years and definitely helped me get my start when I started back in 2000. Without her, the job would have been so much harder. When she left in 2008 I was worried that we would ever find someone to replace her. Thankfully Shelly Stautz came in and has done a fabulous job. She cares about our town and about the programs that we do.

She and Sherry were personable, smart and definitely could carry on in my absence. I am thankful that I was blessed with 2 people that made this Chamber what it is today. And I have 2 lifelong friends now in these two phenomenal women. So I know I leave the Chamber in good hands with Shelly in the office.

So I leave with these parting words: “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” That is how I feel about all of you. You have changed my life.

And secondly I would like to add this: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” And I will definitely be smiling because of all of the memories you have given me while at the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce.

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