Microsoft isn’t giving you a million pounds
Ted Hubert

The Microsoft E-mail Scam showed up on Dorot hy Gause’s computer in Gause, using every trick to get personal data from the victim.

The scam, sent from the United Kingdom, explained, how you could win one million English pounds w ithout entering the contest or buying a ticket .

E-mail addresses are “placed in a pool from which the winners are drawn.” Actually, nobody drew, they just want you to think they did.

The Microsoft E-mail Scam is a variant to the Microsoft Lottery scam that circulated in the United States in 2007.

The con artist lead you on, building trust and confidence until the right moment, then they strike.

Seeking personal data from the victims and asking for up front money to release funds to the winners. This “advance fee” scheme is easily recognized and should send the “red flags” for you to beware.

A good rule of thumb is to look for this tactic and, if found, you can know it is a scam.

The scam needs to add bells and whistles to win confidence.

The potential victim would not respond unless the document looked official, nor would anyone respond to an obvious scam. Other particulars are the names of the contact people. The pay agent is “Hallett Grayson” and a contact e-mail address is listed. You are to provide them with name, address, telephone number.

The letter is signed “George Woods, Microsoft Award (P.R.O.) U.K.”

You should report any scam that successfully tricked you into sending money to a foreign country.

This becomes a crime, so, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and/or the Federal Trades Commission. (FTC) could get involved.

You can do the reporting by going on line to Inter net Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

If you recognized this as a scam and destroyed it, as Dorothy did, then you are done.

Those who understand how to identify frauds, scams, frauds and schemes, just delete the e-mail, tear the letter up, or cradle the phone.

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