EPA lignite regulations ‘punishing enemies’

Dear editor,

I propose that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations that would have a devastating effect on lignite-fired power plants has less to do with “clean air” in St. Louis or anywhere else, than with “punishing your enemies.”

President Obama made a comment during an interview with Univision, that we should; “punish our enemies and reward our friends...”

I believe the president sees Texas as a political enemy and he is trying to punish us with the EPA ruling.

This is not about solving a problem; it is about trying to accomplish a political goal.

If we really want to solve a problem we must look at it in an objective way, and there is no way that the changes can be made to the plants mentioned in the time frame given.

Also, if we try to make these changes in a sudden manner, it will drive up the cost of electricity drastically.

That may be OK for the people in the Sierra Club that have high paying jobs, but it is very hard on the average person that is trying to make a living.

I have friends and family members who say “why don’t we use solar power or wind for our electricity.”

I try to explain to them that we cannot meet our needs for power with those sources at this time. It would be foolish to shut down operating plants when we do not have something to take their place.

Plus, there are problems that must be solved with those processes, the chief of which is that electricity cannot be stored in large quantities in an efficient manner at this time.

The power must be produced as the same rate that it is being consumed. The sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow.

There are people working on these problems, but they do not have the answers yet.

I believe there are concrete ways to meet the goal of clean air and reliable power at a reasonable cost.

We must solve these problems in a practical, common sense way that will benefit all Americans.

Best regards,

James Nobles

2198 South Highway 36

Milano, TX 76556

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