‘Feng Shui’ July wasn’t lucky or special
Ted Hubert

July was, according to an email, “money bags month.” It explained the ancient Chinese custom of Feng Shui and said July 2011 had five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays, a phenomena that happens “once every 823 years.”

(Editor’s note: That’s not true. The interval is no more than 11 years. inboxer/trivia/fivedays.asp)

The same notice pointed out the strange dates occurring this year: 1-1-11; 1-11-11; 11-1-11; and 11-11-11.

Dorothy Gause of Gause had two chances to get rich during the “Money Bags” month found in Feng Shui.

Five thousand dollars, sent via Western Union is supposedly part of a $1,800,000 payment for being scammed by citizens living in Nigeria. Evidently, Nigeria is willing to pay foreigners government money to clean up its reputation. If you believe that, I have a bridge I will sell you cheap.

“Robert W. Haar” gives his name, e-mail address, and telephone number. The contact person is “Daniel George,” the payment manager and the name at the bottom of the e-mail is “Lillian Ford.”

The recipient is instructed to call immediately and confirm the payment. This is difficult to do when no money was sent. The con artist has very little information and is hoping the victim will give personal data, so, to receive the fortune offered.

Don’t contact these crooks and don’t give out information that would serve their purpose and place you in peril. Are you mentioned by name? This is one of the first indicators to look for.

If you are not addressed by name, address, and telephone number, the chances are good that the criminals do not know it either. They hope you will give the information they need to carry out the scheme.

It seems natural to assume that people sending e-mails, that end up in your computer, know you. We read the personal pronouns rather than specific names which frighten us. Fright turns to panic and panic clouds the mind which hampers clear thinking.

It’s understandable to be edgy and frantic when you or your loved ones are threatened. Overreacting will not be in your favor. In fact, this will actually help them steal your money. Being a Texan has serious drawbacks in situations like this. here is an overpowering urge to get these thieves on the line and give them a good tongue lashing.

Few things would be more gratifying, than letting these criminals have a piece of your mind. Good advice here is to beat these urges back because these crooks have no conscience, so your words would have no effect and the con artists will capture your telephone number through the caller ID.

Say nothing and hang up. They get nothing. If it’s e-mail, delete the message. They get nothing.

If you received a notice through the mail, tear it up. They get nothing.

If they knock on your door, say nothing and slam it in their face.

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