Charge for dumpster surprises UM Army here

Neighbor Grover sez never kick a cow chip on a hot day.

UM Army has come and gone again and did a lot of good deeds for some people who needed help. (See Lifestyle page feature, 1B.)

Different groups and organizations provided evening meals for the youngsters and their adult leaders during their week-long stay.

Thursday, Rotary Club members, led by the club’s chief chef Homer Mowdy, club President Gaye Bland and club ser vice co-chairs Joan Ratliff and Mark Jackson, provided a hamburger supper with all the trimmings.

And, it provided a $250 check to help offset an unexpected $ 400 expense the UM A rmy encountered here: a charge for the use of a Waste Management dumpster.

The actual Waste Management charge was $800. But the City of Rockdale kicked in $400 in view of the fact that these kids were cleaning up and sprucing up properties, building handicap ramps for people who needed them, and other projects.

New Texas rain gauge. New Texas rain gauge. UM Army leaders said they have not run into a dumpster charge at towns where they have previously worked.

In addition to the Rotary’s $250 check, several individuals chipped in to make up the rest of that $400.

Friday morning, I called City Manager Kelvin Knauf to see why an organization like UM Army had to rent a city dumpster.

His ex pla nat ion: The cit y doesn’t own the dumpsters. Waste Management does. The city didn’t make a cent off that rental. In fact, it paid half of it because of the good work UM Army was providing.

That leaves the question, why hasn’t UM Army encountered that charge in other towns?

Possibly those towns own their dumpsters, Knauf said.

Or, maybe they’ve negotiated a clause in their contract with whatever waste management company they use, that exceptions will be made for worthwhile causes.

Food for thought, Mr. Manager. Thanks for paying half.


Man, it’s hot in Rockdale.

How hot is it?

Thanks for asking.

Rev. Jack Chelf, writing in his First Baptist Church newsletter, said there is a striped lizard in his back yard and that lizard has gone to carrying a stick in its mouth.

“Every few seconds he drops that stick and jumps up on it to let his feet cool off,” Rev. Jack said.

Now that’s hot. And here’s a few more examples that have arrived in my email box from various locations:

It’s so hot in Texas:

• Asphalt has a liquid stage.

• Birds have to use pot holders to pull worms out of the ground.

• Hot water comes from both taps.

• You can make sun tea instantly.

• Your seat belt buckle is a branding iron.

• The temp drops below 99 and you feel chilly. (Not!)

• You discover that it only takes two fingers to steer your car, and you get sunburned through your tinted sunroof.

• You break a sweat as you step outside at 7 a.m.

• A motorcyclist’s main wreck fear is being knocked out and cooking to death on the pavement.

• For a baked potato, just pull one out of your garden and add butter.

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