‘Lets gets back to some real educating in class’

Dear editor,

“Unacceptable” is probably the single worst word our schools could hear.

Blamed on a clerical error? A single student sinking the whole ship?

I think the problem is worse than that. When I asked the school leadership about the use of cell phones and electronic devices by students during class time, I was told that the school “embraces” the use of technology.

My daughter used her cell phone for 40 minutes out of a 45- minute class and I couldn’t help but think that the cell phone was a distraction.

Is it possible that students could help each other with test questions?

Would it be possible to install cell phone scramblers that would deactivate phones during class?

We only have two bilingual teachers and 61 percent of our students are Hispanic. Does this seem right?

Texas schools can’t be rated on “future” performance anymore.

Funny, the bank won’t loan me money on future earnings either.

Why don’t we get back to some real educating and quit trying to manipulate the books?

Gordon Todd

PO Box 429

372 North US 77


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