Letter critical of judge ‘lacked any valid points’

Dear editor,

Last week the letters you published included one critical of the current county judge that, while lengthy, lacked any valid points.

Imposing and collecting fines is already a power granted to the judge. Under Texas State law (Government code, Section 62) he has the discretion to grant exemptions and to impose a fine on defaulting jurors (62.111).

Clearly this is not some new matter the judge thought up, but an exercise of his discretion to address a growing problem.

Then we get a proposal that the county propose to ignore the Texas constitution, which defines “Assessments of Lands Designated for Agricultural Use” by means of a popular referendum.

That will probably fly as soon as the feral hogs that are tearing up most of under-taxed agricultural land.

I am glad the articles in your paper are better researched than the letters you get.

Wesley Howe

6690 CR 314


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