Council respects input, listens to local citizens

Dear editor,

The mess in Wa shing ton recently has had me very frustrated.

The fact that so many politicians are more concerned with “ w inning” their way and not compromising has affected the market, and each of us.

It is aggravating that my voice is so small when it comes to national issues.

I wish that I could hold them accountable for their promises and remind them all of those back at home who are having to cope with the results of their egos.

A friend called on Tuesday and said that the city council would be meeting to discuss issues for the next year’s budget.

She suggested that I might want to go and listen. I did.

I was pleased that when I asked to share my concerns on an issue, they listened. They didn’t change their minds on the subject, but tabled it until the next day.

As it is my prerogative, I called and e-mailed some friends in town and told them about the issue and my opinion.

I encouraged them to attend the next meeting with me.

Though only a couple of my friends came, a number of people contacted council members and the issue was dropped. Looking back on the experience, I felt good about it all.

I realized that more people than just myself do care about things that go on in Rockdale.

I appreciate the people on the council and those who work for the city.

Generally, I think that they all do a pretty good job. But I also appreciate that they respect us as citizens and are willing to listen to our concerns.

If you are also concerned about water, streets, lights, or whatever, come join me at the meetings.

They will explain the issues from their point of view and may be open to positive suggestions.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the citizens were a part of it.


Margo Gilless

1908 Murray


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