Thorndale resident ‘trumps’ con artist
Ted Hubert

A Thorndale resident received a telephone call from “a company reporting winners of the Donald Trump Sweepstakes.”

Another winner without entering the contest and another requirement to pay a fee up front to release the funds certainly sounds familiar, does it not?

The good news is the sweepstakes will pay off within six weeks of its closing date. The bad news is, the contest ended around March 20, 2011.

The Thorndalelian was notified in August about winning the sweepstakes that promised to deliver the money in April of this year.

Watch for this call to you. When it happens, just tell them it is too late for the notice or delivery of funds. If this scam follows as other scams do, then we will see it again in years to come.

The potential v ictim knew from the start that this was an attempted scam and told the caller that.

The con artist did not want to give up easily and keep insisting the sweepstakes was authentic. He seemed set to stay connected until the money for releasing the funds was paid.

The con artist did hang-up, finally.

The number was not captured with the “caller ID” system The caller did give a name, but you can bet it is made up and not his.

How did the thief get the telephone number? It may be a wild guess, but I would bet, it came from a telephone book.

If you are not called by name, then, you can bet your bottom dollar he is phishing for information from you. The clever thieves will make you think. you are in charge, and then they steal you blind.

The search for information uncovered another interesting Dona ld Tr ump sc am. Tarla Makaeff is suing Trump University for breach of promise.

She i nve ste d $ 60,000 on bogus seminars with the hope of earning a one-year apprenticeship and a “complete” real estate education.

The one-year deal did not happen, but, she did get, what she is calling a three day informatical designed to up-sell the Trump University’s “gold plan” and a trip to Home Depot.

The president of Trump U, Michael Sexton denied the charges saying that Makaeff not only entered all “5”s on a Trump U survey stating her satisfaction of the course, she made a video also. Sexton is looking for them.

Google in “Makaeff vs Trump.” You will be amazed at the number of websites reporting this. Read and enjoy.

Telephones demand that we answer them.

It is not uncommon to wait in line for service, and, when it is your turn to be waited on, the sales person jumps into action with a friendly welcome.

Before you can explain why you stood in line for 15 minutes, the telephone rings.

The clerk grabs the phone. Suddenly you become second in line. The telephone allowed someone to cut in line.

You must admit, the telephone is a powerful tool used for good and evil.

Milam county has the program for the General Membership Meeting in place, Oct. 11 at the Yoe High School auditorium.

Time is 6:30 p.m. for refreshments and 7 for a program on identity theft.

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