City may go to recycling with next garbage pickup contract

There may be a major, for want of a better word, reeducation project in upcoming weeks and months for Rockdale residents.

The Rockdale City Council is considering proposals from three trash collection companies. It met Tuesday in workshop session and will take up the matter again on Monday.

At the end of that session the city will expect some guidance from the council on which company it is to proceed with negotiations.

Doesn’t this happen every so often? Yes, but there are two big differences this time around and if either, or both, are eventually adopted by the city there will be some not inconsequential lifestyle changes for Rockdalians.

Each company presented proposals to begin a recycling service for Rockdale garbage customers and to cut residential pickup dates from twice a week to once a week.

If Rockdale adopts recycling, and that’s certainly the way things are going most places, residents will have to get used to separating their trash into “recyclables” and “non recyclables.”

Each will have its own container. It’s going to be the job of each home owner—not the trash pickup contractor—to be sure the right stuff gets to the curb in the right form.

Going to once a week pickup, if that’s what happens, will require changing patterns Rockdale residents have lived with all our lives. “Monday and Thursday” and “Tuesday and Friday” are pretty much imprinted on our brains for residential trash collection.

If either, or both, of these changes, happen there’s going to be a period of adjustment and it’s going to be as easy, or difficult, as we make it.

It sure won’t hurt to start thinking about it now.—M.B.

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