It’s official, 2011 Rockdale’s hottest summer yet

Three all-time Rockdale heat records fell during the past few days as 2011 elbowed its way into the forefront of the town’s all-time hottest summers.

Monday was the 63rd day of 2011 in which the temperature climbed to 100 or greater in the U. S. Weather Service thermometer at KRXT-FM.

That breaks the old record of 62, set in 2009.

Tuesday’s high also topped the century mark so at presstime Wednesday it was “64 and counting” with more than a month left in summer, 2011.

STRING ENDS—Rockdale’s string of 100-degree plus days ended at 27 on Saturday when clouds associated with a storm system which never reached Milam County shielded the sun and the mercury climbed only to 98.

But the record had fallen four days previously when Rockdale recorded its 23rd straight day of 100-plus.

That broke the 67-year- old mark of 24 consecutive days, set between July 18 and Aug. 8, 1944.

Amazingly, the 2011 string could have been even longer.

Rockdale recorded “only” a 99- degree high on July 16 with the 27-day streak starting the next afternoon.

The high on the eight days preceding July 16 was also over 100. So a one- degree increase that afternoon would have yielded a 37-day streak instead.

SUPER HEATED—Thursday’s high of 106 was also a record-breaker.

It was the 20th high of 105 or greater in 2011, breaking the record of 19, also set in 2009.

The temperature also climbed to 105 or above Monday and Tuesday, a total of 22 (so far).

ONE TO GO—There is only one major heat record which has not fallen in the summer of 2011 and it’s been close.

Rockdale’s all time hottest temperature, 113, was recorded Sept. 4, 2000.

Hottest reading of 2011, 109, was logged on consecutive days, Aug. 1-2-3.

However, traditionally the hottest readings each summer in Rockdale are in late August and early September.

In fact, Rockdale’s five hottest readings were all logged in one week as August baked into September in 2000.

In addition to the all- time record 113, Rockdale logged a 112 and three readings of 110.

Just for the record, the hottest temperature ever logged in Texas was 120 in Seymour on Aug. 12, 1936.

The U. S. record is 134 in Death Valley, California, on July 10, 1913.

And the world record is 136 at El Aziza, Libya, on Sept. 13, 1922.

RAINFALL— Some “ two- acre” rain bursts were actually reported in Rockdale on Sunday but the U. S. Weather Service rain gauge at KRXT-FM didn’t catch any.

Through Tuesday, Aug. 16, the official rainfall total for Rockdale in 2011 was 9.95 inches.

A third of that, 3.7 inches, fell in January.

The last recorded rainfall, a paltry .18-inch, fell July 13.

The last substantial rainfall, 1.84 inches fell June 22.

In four of the first seven months of 2011, less than an inch of precipitation has been measured for Rockdale.

No rain at all has been measured through the first 16 days of August.


(through Tuesday, Aug. 16) Record
100-degree highs (record) 64 64
Consecutive 100s (record) 27 27
Highest temperature 109 113 (2000)
Days 105 or higher (record) 23 23

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