RISD falls short in AYP ratings 4th straight year

No campus sanctions yet, but staff development required
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The Rockdale ISD, as a district, has missed federal “No Child Left Behind” standards for the fourth consecutive year.

No federal sanctions are kicking in, yet, for any RISD campus but there are now some requirements for the district as a whole, according to Supt. Dr. Howell Wright.

“We are required to provide additional professional development that focuses our staff on student needs based on instructional data,” he said.

“Additionally we take this status as an important need for improvement, so we will attend the Texas School Improvement Campus in October, even though we are not required to attend,” he said.

According to the Texas Education Agency, the RISD and Rockdale Junior- High School missed AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) goals. The report cited standardized test scores in reading and math in both instances.

The high school, intermediate and elementary campuses met the AYP goals.

One in two Texas districts did not meet the AYP goals in 2011, a drop that was reflected in the Milam County results.

Of Milam districts which currently offer a high school campus, only Thorndale ISD met the AYP’s district standards.

In addition to Rockdale, Cameron, Milano and Buckholts all missed AYP goals as a district.

In addition to Rockdale Junior-High, Yoe High in Cameron and the Buckholts school also missed AYP campus goals.

STANDARDS—Schools and districts must have 80 percent or more of their students in grades 3-8 and 10 pass the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) reading or English language arts test and 75 percent must pass the TAKS mathematics test to meet AYP.

They also must achieve a 90 percent attendance rate or a 75 percent graduation rate, depending on the grade levels they serve.

SANCTIONS—Dr. Wright said Rockdale campuses do not have to implement some of the sanctions which would be required if an individual campus missed AYP standards for several years in a row.

“Missing AYP status for districts is different than that for campuses,” he said. “ Since a district’s AYP rating is based on the performance of campuses some of the sanctions for missing AYP are for campuses only.”

Rockdale Junior-High, which missed the AYP standard in 2011, met those goals in 2010.

Dr. Wright said RISD is not required to offer public school choice and supplemental educational services, nor is the district required to implement new curriculum, hire an expert to advise on the school improvement plan, replace certain staff members, extend the school day, or restructure the internal organization of the school.

“If RISD had a campus in stage 3, all of the options above would be available,” he said.

“We have taken great strides to improve student instruction this next year throughout the district. Our district and campus improvement plans are focused on improving student instruction pre-K through 12 at the tier 1 instruction level for all students,” Dr. Wright said.

THOR NDALE—Thorndale ISD Supt. Casey Callahan heads up the only Milam district that contains a high school and met the AYP standards for 2011.

“We feel like this is another step in the right direction,” he said. “We met it at every campus and as a district.”

Callahan pointed out that Thorndale’s smaller class size is a plus in dealing with AYP each year.

“ Due to size restraints, it doesn’t affect us nearly as much as it does the bigger schools,” he said. “We don’t reach the limit in enrollment for some sub-groups to be counted.”

MILANO—All three of Mila- no’s cam pu se s mad e AY P, but as a dist ric t, the Cl ass A scho ol failed. “It’s a nu mbe rs game ,” Supt . Lindy Robin son said. “It had to do wit h su bg roups. It wa s our H is panic low so c io - ec onom ic sub -group. We were thr ee kids over.”

“ We areshow ing improve- ment s,” Robinson said.

“The AYP just looks at re ading and math,” she noted. “But our strong point s are scienc e, social studie sand writing. And our career tech oppor tunities, which re ceiv e fe de ral f unds , are also doing well.”

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Rockdale ISD Missed AYP
RJH Missed AYP
Intermediate Met AYP
Elementary Met AYP
Cameron ISD Missed AYP
Yoe High Missed AYP
Middle School Met AYP
Cameron Elem. Met AYP
Ben Milam Elem. Met AYP
Milano ISD Missed AYP
Milano Elem. Met AYP
Thorndale ISD Met AYP
Thorndale Middle Met AYP
Thorndale Elem. Met AYP
Gause ISD Met AYP
Gause Elem. Met AYP
Buckholts ISD Missed AYP
Buckholts school Missed AYP

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