Nocturnal Fest not ‘rave’; it’s called ‘EDM’

Dear editor,

This may be a bit late or random but I am writing in regards to the annual Nocturnal Festival held at Apache Pass.

I am now just writing because a friend of mine just shared, via Facebook, a viral version of The Rockdale Reporter that shared information and details about Nocturnal Fest.

I read the reports along with letters to the editors shunning the festival and the attendees and felt it was necessary to respond to these uneducated accusations.

Mayor Larry Don Jones, along with several council members, gave praise to the promoter of the event, Insomniac, and also the attendees saying we “were polite, well-spoken and very complimentary of Rockdale.”

It could not be more well said and I am very happy and thankful that the council of Rockdale is supportive of this wonderful event.

But I found a disturbing one from a Scott Williams which propelled me to write this response

He begins his letter with the definition of a ‘rave’ founded from Wikipedia, a web-based knockoff encyclopedia site not even my English teachers in high school allowed us to use.

Nocturnal Festival is just that, a music and art based festival, not a rave.

Mr. Williams is calling this a rave because of Nocturnal’s heavy influence of electronic dance music, better known as EDM, which is also associated with raves.

EDM is indeed the forefront of Nocturnal but raves are underground parties held in sketchy warehouses.

These candy-kids, as they’re called who throw and attend raves, also invade EDM festivals such as Nocturnal.

But when my friends first introduced me to this scene at the first Nocturnal in September 2010, they didn’t say, “let’s go see this huge rave!” No, instead they said, “hey let’s go see Kid Cudi (a world-wide famous rapper, not an EDM artist) at this music festival in Austin.”

This was a life-changing experience, and I truthfully mean that. The event was nothing less than beautiful and left every attendee in awe.

The center of the festival is first and foremost the music, along with the energy the music gives to the attendees and how the music interacts so well with the unparalleled production of lights and attractions.

It is obvious Mr. Williams did not attend the event so I am flabbergasted he believes he can tell an uneducated reader what goes on at the event without any experience himself.

The drug most highly ingested at these festivals is MDMA, or ecstasy.

Ecstasy does not give hallucinogenic effects as Mr. Williams claims but is more defined as giving therapeutic effects, giving users a sense of intimacy with another.

I am not commending MDMA but if used with responsibility, users are not harmful to others or more simply users become very happy and loving, which is the entire vibe and energy throughout Nocturnal.

I am also a Christian (Roman Catholic) and there is not ONE un- Christian thing about the festival.

I know drugs are a problem but in the eyes of the bible MDMA is no worse of a drug than the alcohol in your beer.

Nocturnal Festival is not a druginfested, out-of-control mega party. It is a very special, intimate experience, where people can let loose, forget about any hard times going on in their lives and dance.

It is truly a beautiful, one of a kind event.

Jonathan Rizer

Editor’s note: The letters to which Mr. Rizer refers were published Sept. 23 and Sept. 30, 2010.)

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