Monday morning family email check-in is a hoot!
Kathy Cooke

During what is fast becoming a weekly event, the Cooke family had a lively, hilarious email session during the “Cooke Family Monday Morning Email Check-In”.

I have long been the only, and I do mean only, morning person in my whole family. I am not sure who I got that from.

But this past Monday, I wasn’t feeling very frisky as Noelia and I had moved Kennedy on Sunday. She’s moved to College Station for one semester, she and her bud Ally have rented an apartment.

Luckily, Kennedy has always traveled light, especially since it was 112 degrees during the afternoon. Now I understand why I was finding it so hard to breathe.

Noelia will be happy to find out the temperature too, because we were thinking perhaps our generous girths were inhibiting our breathing.

No, it was just hot. I’ll go with that.

So Monday morning came way earlier than I would have liked. I just couldn’t believe these emails were from the same family that used to stare blankly at me in the mornings as I relayed the parts of my evening that I could repeat in mixed company.

When I paused to take a breath, this same family would say to me, often in unison, “will you shut up!”

Yes they did. That’s why I can’t believe these same people carry on in Monday morning emails the way they do.

Apparently all of the nephews are back in school. Esten and Will are loving Victoria and are starting Boy Scouts soon.

Esten had a story published in a library magazine that Ken and Christine didn’t even know he had written. Will is still the most hilarious boy in his class.

Kevin started back at Thorndale High. Can he really be a sophomore? Not possible, said the ever-young Aunt Kathy. I’ve also been forbidden to write anything about him from this point on.

I seem to recall Katie and Kennedy forbidding the same thing and it didn’t work for them either.

Agustin, our youngest, started first grade at St. Paul’s. Now I really feel old. He is reading up a storm, loves playing with his Legos and is the only nephew left who will still hugs and kisses me, which I live for.

Ken and Chris are still working for UHV and really like Victoria. Noelia is busy all the time, being mom-dad-bread winner student.

Kyle and Sweet Pea just moved on up to a DE-LUX apartment in the sky. That was a big adjustment after living in the same little house for 12 years. It’s always time for a move when all of the “working girls” knew Sweet Pea by name.

Mom and Dad just returned from a vacation trip to Washington State to see the Stullers. Terry and Karen said to tell everyone in Rockdale they said “Hi!”

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