Another week, another fake lottery ‘winner’
Ted Hubert

A letter from the “International Lottery Board SE,” br ings t he news about 815,950 Euros have been deposited in your name.

It seems strange that the first contact uses “final notice” most of the time.

Another case of w inning a contest not entered. Most will agree that it is difficult winning lotteries, contests, or raffles that are legitimately entered.

This approach is not new and the payment processing form asks for personal data.

However, the obvious thing missing in the letter, is the name of the addressee.

The name “Bobbie Eiland” is on the envelope but not on the letter.

The letter does not mention anyone by name and you would think that a person winning 815,950 Euros would be addressed.

It states that all participants were selected by a computer ballot system that drew names from Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and South Pacific.

What are the statistical chances of the winner living in a town with 400 citizens? One in a billion is a wild guess without doing the mathematics.

The contac t person, “ Don Pablo Lucas, the Foreign Service Manager” will process the accounts and oversee the claim and ending up front money is necessary to release the funds.

The not ice urges absolute secrecy and is advised to prevent “unscrupulous individuals” from making a double claim resulting in unwarranted abuse of this program. The notice carries the name of “Miguel Lopez, Vice President of the Lottery Award Board.”

The uniqueness of this scam comes from its deliver y. The envelope has no return address nor does it have any stamps. Where did this mail get posted? How did it reach its destination? How did it escape the human eye and the sorting machines in Waco?

No one knows. It would really be strange, if it was mailed from Spain, which is highly unlikely.

The address contains the letters U.S.A. These letters are not usually added if mailed within the United States of America.

You can scratch your head in disbelief as you view this piece of mail. It did arrive against many odds.

TRIBUTE—The S.A.L.T. Committee of the Milam County TRIAD will meet at 9 a.m. Thursday in the Milano Community Center.

The late Albert Whiteside was instrumental is bringing TRIAD to Milam County and was loyal to the MCT concept until his death.

We miss you now and w ill continue to miss your presence. We have lost a good friend.

He served Milam County well.

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