Original letter writer responds on ‘Nocturnal’

Dear editor,

After all this time I thought my views on Nocturnal Fest had been put to bed.

I see that these views have been rekindled thanks to Jonathan Rizer. (Reporter, Aug. 18)

I am going to address four of the points he expressed.

Let me acknowledge the fact that I am mostly ignorant as to the meaning of “Rave” vs. “EDM” and he is correct in saying I have not attended the Nocturnal Fest at Apache Pass or any gatherings such as these.

I find it interesting that, to my knowledge, the first and subsequent similar event, were not advertised locally, an important point.

It was almost like they were sneaking it in on us. Why would they have to bring it in so quietly? Surely such a “life changing, truly beautiful event” to quote Mr. Rizer, is worthy of the entire community supporting and being a part of.

As to his point that I was “trying to convince uneducated readers” about what goes on at the festival. I don’t have to convince anyone.

All one has to do is read the jail and arrest log the following week in the paper and they will get the proper representation. This could be due to “un-Christian” things, Mr Rizer claimed none of the like takes place at Nocturnal.

As to his saying “in the Eyes of the Bible MDMA (Ecstasy) is no worse of a drug than the alcohol in your beer”.

To ever yone I say, do your own research. Please don’t take my word as truth. There are many studies and reports on the adverse and lasting effects of MDMA on the brain.

I have yet to find an accredited report saying it is good for you. I also wish he would bring to my attention where it mentions MDMA in the bible?

As to his assertion that this drug is harmless and that Nocturnal Fest “is a very special, intimate experience where people can let loose, forget any hard troubles they are having in their lives and dance.”

Read Isaiah 5:20. When I have troubles and trials in my life I give them to my savior Jesus Christ who always handles them better than I ever could anyway.

Mr. Rizer claims to be a Christian and I will not judge him or anyone else as a Christian or not, however I can sum this entire conversation up with one more biblical passage speaking directly to Mr. Rizer and all Christians.

Read 1st Thessalonians 5:3-9.

Scott Williams

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