Disappointed about ‘no recycling’ decision

Dear editor,

Garbage pick up one day a week? I have no problem with that.

I am disappointed that we will not have recycling.

I recycle newspapers, junk mail, cardboard, plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastic bags.

My leaves and kitchen peels go into my compost pile. Therefore, I have very little actual trash.

My sister lives in Waco and they have a furnished receptacle and all of their recycled material goes into it. It is picked up by a separate truck on the same day of the regular garbage pickup.

I have to run all over town to deliver my recycled things. I even go to Lexington or Bryan to recycle my plastic and glass. A lot of people just won’t do that.

Think of the good we can all do if we recycle and how much it will save the landfills.

Billie Noack

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