‘Nocturnal’ not worth cost in human terms

Dear editor,

I would like to weigh in on the “Nocturnal Fest” issue.

For the record I don’t know what a “rave” is, but I would guess it is something I would want my children to attend.

Now for “Nocturnal Fest”, let’s ask ourselves “is it worth it”?

Is the money it brought in worth a life being lost on the roads due to a driver under the influence of some legal or illegal substance crashing into some innocent person driving down one of our roadways?

Is it worth our children being introduced to a substance that may wreck their lives, cause them to lose their job, give them a criminal record so they can’t get a job or an addiction that may take their life?

The book of Rules and Guides states that we should not do something that may cause our brother to stumble and fall and here we are bringing it into our back yard in the name of profit.

How much did we spend on extra law enforcement, jail accommodations and court cost, yes that money came out of yours and my pocket.

Just think about it, we sell a few more gallons of gas and a Coke today but what will it cost us tomorrow?

Stand up, do right.

J. R. Fields

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