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Dr. Howell Wright

Parents, it is already time for the first grading period progress reports to be distributed. The first three weeks of school have passed and students have settled back into their normal routines.

The Elementary, Intermediate, and Junior High schools have had their open houses and the High School open house is not too far away. There have been several opportunities provided for parents to contact their child’s teachers and/or principal early in the school year.

I am writing this because we want all parents and guardians to be involved with their child’s education now and throughout the year.

We provide several opportunities for face to face communication early in the school year because we want to ensure that our students are off to a good start. If they are not off to a good start we want you to know about it and we want to know from you what we can do to provide a better learning environment. If you have questions please contact your child’s teacher for an individual conference in person or via telephone.

We also have a parent portal system that allows parents to review their child’s grades on a weekly basis. If you need more assistance contact your child’s principal and they will make sure that you get answers. Also, if you have questions about something that you heard about your child’s school or how they are operating please contact the principal. You will receive an accurate account from them that should help you understand what you heard.

One of our district goals is to empower the parents and community to play an active role in the education of our students. I can assure you that our staff is working diligently and want your child to master the state standards. Sometimes in the fast paced world we live there is information about the schools that is misunderstood or misinterpreted and we want to make sure that you know that you have campus principals that want an opportunity to explain and close some of the communication gap that exists between schools and communities.

So whether it is a question about the operation of the school or a question about your child’s educational progress Rockdale ISD wants you to know that we are here to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.

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