Hope for country found in becoming ‘students’

Dear editor,

I believe that the mess in Washington began long, ago. It may have been established by one political party but has been extended by both.

There is not one president to be at fault, but many. We have believed in what they said before we voted and yet knew that they were promising more than they could produce alone.

We believed the promises of the senators and congressmen who campaigned, and knew that they, too, would need to work together to get good things done.

Unfortunately, many have been bought by business interests and not by the interests of the people who voted them into office. They have forgotten the individuals who make up America.

We have been focused on either business or individuals and not on the two together. Their needs and how to benefit both.

For either to do well, they need the other to succeed. For business to hold onto any monies that they have, and wait for the economy to improve, it is like saying, “Give me fire, and I’ll give you wood.” Both are needed.

There needs to be trust and faith in each other to make the economy work.

We have been greedy and short-sighted. Is it any wonder that this selfishness has spilled over into the governing bodies of our country?

Is it any wonder that through our selfishness, we have lost many of the morals we held so dear to ourselves at one time?

Our nation has more problems than drought, floods, tornadoes, and extreme heat.

We have a drought of the Spirit. We are in need of recognizing the responsibilities that each of us have been given.

We proudly say we are the “land of the free”. What have you or I done to keep it that way?

Have we considered openly looking at the sides of each issue and prayed for wisdom in discerning how God would show us to solve the issue?

We say that we are a “godly” nation. Have we involved him in our daily lives to get direction?

We say that we “don’t have time” to wait and listen for God’s answer. Really? Do we want to settle for the consequences of not taking the time?

Please, know that because I mention aspects relating to faith, I have no political candidate in particular in mind.

Look at the people candidates surround themselves with and consider the advice they are getting. Because their advisors say they have “seen Christ”, or whatever, do their comments follow the character of the Lord?

I feel that it is very important that we become “students” of our government and our faith.

For the first, it is important to know the Constitution. It is, in effect, the mission statement of our country. To be a student of your faith, invest the time to get to know God by studying his word.

It will bless you daily in more ways than you can imagine.

There is hope for our country. With each sunrise, we are given another opportunity to become change agents.

I challenge you to join me in doing our best to stay the land of the free.

Margo Gilless

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