Prayer is appropriate in every situation

Dear editor,

In response to James David Walker’s letter last weeks about the Lord’s Prayer being recited out loud at the football games

I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. So, after reading it several times, I went to the Lord in silent prayer to explain it to me. He did.

He wrote it constitutes a disturbance of the peace as surely as blowing a whistle, the clapping of hands, or a recitation from the Koran. I agree, a recitation from the Koran would definitely disturb my peace.

Thank God that there are those with enough backbone to say enough is enough, and we will pray whenever and where ever we want too.

While the church was a big sleeping giant the enemy slipped in and used those in control to remove prayer from our public schools, the Ten Commandments and all they could pertaining to God from America.

Now many are having their spiritual eyes opened to the truth.

The truth is, our founding forefathers based it all on God’s Holy Word and His Holy ways.

We are losing these freedoms from our forefathers daily, and it breaks my heart to think of all the brave men and women who gave their lives in wars so we could have these freedoms.

I believe in separation of church and state, but not God and state. The state has no right to try and control the church, yet this is happening all over America.

If God doesn’t have control of state, well, all you have to do is look at the sad, bad shape America is in.

Our granddaughter graduated in May in Rockdale. It was truly one of the best graduations I have ever attended.

A young man in the senior class who started it with a prayer. The top two seniors gave speeches and spoke of God and our Lord

The keynote speaker talked about God and his son Jesus. I have heard many say what a joy it was just to be there and around people who are not ashamed of God and Jesus.

That night I was proud to say that I live in Rockdale.

I have heard of some schools in some states where because of one young person who said “I don’t believe in God” and the school bowed to that one person and prayer was stopped and God and Jesus could not be mentioned.

Mr. Walker I truly don’t understand why say ing the Lord’s prayer out loud troubles you so much?

If I want to pray silently I do it, if those around me want to pray as loud as they can, then have at it, this is our God-given right, our right of freedom of speech.

Billy Strelsky
890 CR 309

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