Thanks for painting; garbage can problems

Dear editor,

Three cheers for those volunteers who worked in the summer heat painting those ugly, rusty, multi colored fire hydrants on some of the streets and hopefully can be continued throughout the rest of the city.

What a difference it will make to the city’s appearance. Thanks guys. Also, thanks to the city for furnishing the paint.

We have a few people that set their garbage out several days before pick-up day instead of the late evening before or early day of pick-up.

Also, people from out of the City bring their garbage in several days before pick-up and place it at the curb.

In the meantime animals turn over the cans and contents end up in the street.

This is unsightly, unsanitary and unfair to the homeowners who take pride in their property and neighborhood and take the empty cans in as soon as possible so they don’t end up in the street causing a traffic hazard.

Is there something to control this?

F.E. Hill

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