‘Good Samaritan’ draws thanks for kind actions

Dear editor,

It always does the heart good to see someone do something good for another person.

Earlier today, my son and I were travelling on US 79 when we noticed two visually impared individuals walking across the street from Lee’s Landing.

The man was in front and the lady was in the back. The lady missed her step and fell.

In d ismay, my son st ated that we needed to help them. As I turned around to go back, I noticed Lee Parsley had his vehicle blocking the turn and he was helping the lady up from the ground.

Saddened, I was thankful that Lee saw this and stopped to help. Other passers-bye continued on about their way.

I just would like for Lee Parsley to know that someone noticed his good deed and that God will bless him for his kind heart.

I wish there were more people like him to take the time out to care for someone other than himself.

Roshell Wilburn

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