‘Reasonable Republicans should be sickened’

Dear editor,

If there was ever any doubt about how some far right conservatives feel about their fellow countrymen, last week’s Republican presidential debate should have removed it once and for all.

When Rep. Ron Paul was asked a hypothetical question about who should help a young man pay his medical bills after six months in a coma, the crowd at the debate hectored to let him die.

Yes. Your far right friends and neighbors would just as soon see you die rather than see any tax money go to your support.

To their credit, the candidates were taken aback—and some were even shocked—at the crowd’s reaction, but it is apparent that what passes for the conservative wing of the Republican Party has no compassion whatsoever for people who have fallen on hard times, which includes a lot of folks here in Milam County.

Indeed, they are more than a little bloodthirsty.

Last week, the crowd at a California Republican debate venue cheered lustily when told that Gov. Rick Perry presided over 237 executions.

Responsible Republican candidates for leadership of this country, along with local Republican leaders, must repudiate this trend toward hatred.

If not, we truly are barely one step away from the blood sport of Roman-style bread-and-circuses.

Without the bread.
Richard Stone

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