Thanks for supporting ‘9/11 Tree of Life’ event

Dear editor,

I would like to thank everyone who came out to Wolf Park on Sunday, Sept. 11 for the commemorative tree planting ceremony. I felt it was my duty as an American citizen to pay my respects to every man woman and child who lost their lives on that tragic day.

The 10th anniversary was the perfect time to plant what I call the “9/11 Tree of Life.” Thank you, Deedra Jacob, for organizing this event.

I was only a 5th grader when the planes f lew into the towers. When I arrived home from school that day, I saw ever y channelonTVrepeatingthe clips of two planes f lying low and crashing into the sides of both towers, followed by the collapse of both buildings. I recall my mom crying and my dad saying, “ We are about to go to war.”

As the years have passed, I have grown closer to God and become more involved in politics. I took part in the Voice of Democracy speech my junior year at RHS. I put my heart and soul into that speech and won first place. If you have never read the Constitution I ask you to please read it and try to understand that as Americans we have a duty to honor God and ourselves.

Many of us lose sight of what is right and it is very disheartening to watch more and more young people headed in t he wrong direction. What would happen if we walked the halls of R HS today and randomly asked students to state the 2nd Amendment, tell what the Federalist Papers are? We must rely on young generations to be our future, but do they even know where we’ve come from? It’s sad that our Government—both Democrat and Republican—has violated our liberty and the regulations on our schools have only strengthened their demise. I pray to God every day that we will soon restore common sense to our society and learn to value personal responsibility the way older generations did.

I w ill be leav ing Rockdale in December, moving to Seattle, Washington to attend law school. I hope to come back and see the tree I have planted growing strong and healthy. I hope that some of you will find a moment to water the tree so that it can serve as a living reminder of what A mer ica stands for. It was in the days follow ing 9/11 that we were reminded of our amazing abilities to stand together, and it is the one lesson we should never forget.

I also want to thank one particular person for attending. Mr. Art Free, you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I would like to thank you again, this time w ithout tears. Thank you for serving this great nation and thank you for keeping me in line and awake during class. God bless you and your family.

In 30 years, I hope the tree is big and healthy and providing tons of shade for the two benches on either side.

Thanks again and God bless,

Ethan Sabo

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