Well, it’s goodbye to Texas Uni-versity


Be careful what you wish for... The nano-second that DeLoss Dodds put pen to paper on the deal with ESPN that gave the Longhorns their own television network, signaled the death knoll for the Big 12 or, the Pure Prairie League as I like to call it.

My belief is that Texas truly wants to become an independent, ala Notre Dame. They have been too quiet while a bee hive of activity surrounds them. Dodds is not one to sit around and let others dictate what he is going to do—unless he has a plan.

There are some risks involved: no conference affiliation, which means no automatic bid.

If independent Texas goes 14-0 and BCS school Alabama goes 14-0, guess who’s going to the BCS bowl game?

Then there’s scheduling. There’s no automatic conference ledger spit out of some computer every year.

Think about having to independently schedule games for soccer, volleyball, tennis, softball.

However, the move gives the Longhorns total autonomy concerning everything Longhorns and that’s what they have wanted all along.

Which is why Texas A&M finally had enough and is making the smart move to the SEC.

I say good for them. Now it’s going to be a tough row to hoe for the Aggies, but the second they sign up, their recruiting will improve 100 fold.

They will start getting the players that Texas is getting now becasue of their new affiliation.

The unfair factor concerning Baylor is that they have one of the best overall sports programs in the nation, if not in the Big 12. Tennis, women’s basketball.

However, the Bears are seriously lacking in the one sport that matters most—football.

With no history of success, no television market, lackluster attendance and the lack of a big name coach, Baylor will be left behind and will be lucky to find a viable conference.

Don’t think so, ask Kansas how much it means to have a national power basketball team. Zilch!

Kansas may end up in a conference with Baylor.

It says here that we are heading towards a four-conference, 16-team super power that will exit the NCAA, form their own alliance which will include a football playoff.


Can’t we all just go back for the future? Instead of all this shifting around, why not just dust off an old friend in the Southwest Conference.

It’d be easy to do. It’s on display at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in Waco. And being in Waco, Baylor would be more than happy to resuscitate the old fella.

You remember the SWC, don’t you? Darrell Royal, John David Crow, Sammy Baugh, Earl Campbell, Frank Broyles, Bucky Richardson, the wishbone, Grantland Rice, the Wrecking Crew, 15 to 14, the Cotton Bowl.

Tell the Aggies to stay put. Send Arkansas a dozen roses and some chocolates with an “I’m sorry” note attached. Remind Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. that they were charter members of the old SWC and could be grandfathered in.

The irony here is that the one thing Texas coveted—its own television network—is what is probably going to lead to its downfall as far as being included in a conference is concerned.

No one will allow the Horns in their conference with TV in tow, but Texas could argue that they don’t really have a network because no one can watch it, except a couple of small cable outlets in Itasca.

Texas got greedy, will it become one of the needy?

Be careful what you wish for...

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