Bushdale resident fought for North in Civil War

Joy Graham

First the land, then came the people. Native Americans once inhabited this area, followed by explorers and missionaries. Later, immigrants found their way to Milam County that we know today.

As the United States grew, dif ferences of governmental rule molded this country. Even though we have the constitution, interpretation has inf luenced many diverse outcomes in the history of this nation.

The Civil War began when the northern states and southern states had differences of which included economic and social issues, d if ferences bet ween unjust ta xes and tarif fs and slavery.

Sam Houston, a hero of Texas and A mer ic a, ser ved as t he first president of the Republic of Texas. He ser ved as gover nor of Texa s in 1860 a nd said “ it would be a mista ke for Texas to join the Confederacy, after fighting so hard to join the union 15 years earlier”.

Back then. 2,000 Texans agreed with Sam Houston.

The Union (northern states) received support from the 180,000 African-American Buffalo soldiers.

These soldiers were given their name by the Plains Indians.

After the end of the Civil War in 1865, Congress reorganized the military merits of these soldiers in the peacetime regular army.

Milam County had only a few individuals who fought with the Union in the Civil War. One of those was Herman Henniger ( 1838-1908), who was born in Germany.

His family came to Texas to Austin County when he was nine years old.

Herman had just become of age when Texas seceded from t he union. Even t hough he found difficulty in breaking his oath to the United States, he joined the Confederate Army along with his two brothers in Waul’s Texas Legion.

He struggled and after several months, he went to the Union forces and enlisted in Co. B, 12th Illinois Calvary where he served with distinction from 1862-1865.

Returning home after the war ended, he encountered animosity from his kin. In 1870, he moved to t he Bushdale community in Milam County. Here he became one of the most respected farmers and civic leaders in this part of the county.

He is buried in Bushdale Cemeter y. It was his w ish to be immortalized by having a statue of himself in Federal Army uniform atop a high granite base.

His statue remained on his grave, until Dec. 25, 1974, when it was pushed over and broken by youth from the area.

The statue was never restored.

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