Fight domestic violence with awareness, caring

Dear editor,

It’s that time of year again.

Bring out your purple ribbons and wear them in remembrance and support of victims of domestic violence.

We know how widespread this issue is in our community and others across the state.

This month is our opportunity to show that we are aware of the problem, we wish to fight it and we support those who are struggling to overcome this difficult problem.

Domestic violence is an insidious kind of violence because it can lie quietly beneath a facade of normalness.

But under that false appearance lurks an explosive temper and a dangerous situation for families.

Mothers and children often bear the brunt of any outbreak of violence.

That violent outburst has a ripple affect throughout the com- munity, time lost from work or school, medical bill expenses, the time and efforts of law enforcement and the court system.

The worst damage, it seems, is the effect on children.

The more violence they see in their daily lives makes them more accepting of violence as a normative pattern in their lives.

Children emulate the violence they see by bossing and bullying other children, their siblings and schoolmates until we have another community threat.

Some of my crime statistics prove that point.

There were 41 reported cases of family violence, 38 assault cases and 25 abuse/v iolence cases against children.

One thing can very well lead to another. Violence begets violence.

And, speaking of bully ing, October is also host to National Bullying & Awareness Week, as well as National Crime Prevention Month.

All these awareness projects are linked to our human tendencies for violence and depredations against our fellow man.

So, please be strong and get out there and lend your strength to others who are not quite certain of their own.

Strengthen your community one individual at a time. Hug and mentor a child and take a victim of domestic violence into your heart.

I’m sure we all know of someone who has been through that indignity.

Remember, hate is not a family value.

Carole Sparks
Milam County Victim Assistance Coordinator
204 North Central
Cameron, TX 76520

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