Expo winners announced

Here are the results from the various contests held at the Central Texas Hunting and Outdoor Expo held Sept. 21-22 at Apache Pass near Rockdale.


Chicken—1. D O’s Welding and Sandblasting; 2. River Rats; 3. Flop n Sop; 4. L and E Cookers; 5. Q and N Dawgs; 6. 3 Bad Dads; 7. Smokin A’s BBQ; 8. Blunde Kuh; 9. Yegua Bottom Boys; 10. Hoghunters.

Pork—1. Blunde Kuh; 2. River Bottom Driftwood Cookers; 3. D O’s Welding and Sandblasting; 4. 3 Bad Dads; 5. Loco Cvsanos; 6. Chillin and Grillin; 7. Smokin K’s BBQ; 8. Flop n Sop; 9. Q and N Dawgs; 10. Smokin A’s BBQ.

Beef—1. Flop n Sop; 2. Smokin K’s BBQ; 3. Q and N Dawgs; 4. L and E Cookers; 5. River Bottom Driftwood Cookers; 6. Blunde Kuh; 7. Loco Cvsanos; 8. D O’s Welding and Sandblasting; 9. Yegua Bottom Boys; 10. Smokin A’s BBQ.

Wild Game—1. Flop n Sop; 2. Blunde Kuh; 3. Bad Company; 4. D O’s Welding and Sandblasting; 5. L and E Cookers; 6. River Rats; 7. Hoghunters; 8. D T Bar Ranch Cookers; 9. Loco Cvsanos; 10. Q and N Dawgs.

Overall—1. Flop n Sop; 2. D O’s Welding and Sandblasting; 3. Blunde Kuh; 4. L and E Cookers; 5. Q and N Dawgs; 6. River Bottom Driftwood Cookers; 7. River Rats; 8. Smokin K’s BBQ; 9-tie. 3 Bad Dads and Loco Cvanos; 10. Bad Company.

First—Tyler Jordan/Weston Fisher.
Second— Boyd Taylor/Kenny Carpenter. SKEET SHOOT
First— Charles Schumann.
Second—Wesley Morgan.

First—Amanda Schumann.
Second—Alicia Wamsley.
First—Lanny Worley.
Second— Cody Witt.
Third—Brandon Sanders.
First—Tyler Foust, 277.
Cubs (9-12)
First—Josh Barnard, 244.
Second—Brett Brockenbush, 221.
Youth (13-16)
First— Cody Witt, 304.
Second—Austin Whatley, 203.
Third— Chase Wendel, 195.
(new to shooting)
First—Brandon Sanders, 208.
Second—Don Wendel, 207.
Female Bow Hunter
First—Jada Soules, 261.
Second—Joanna Sanders, 182.
Male Bow Hunter
(with release)
First—Dell Morey, 254.
Second—Jonathan Soules, 251.
Third—Terry Knaus, 248.
(open class)
First—H.M. Soules, 264.
Second—Jeff Barnard, 256.
First—Mike Smith, 273.
Master Tot (4-5)
First—John Luke Lorenz.
Miss Tot (4-5)
First—Kayla Ehler.
Second—Jacie Hartley.
Little Miss (6-7)
First—Taytum Young.
Second— Carley Lorenz.
Third—Lauren Harris.
Preteen (11-13)
First— Calli Pipkin.
Second— Carley Soules.
Teen (14-15)
First—Maci Wages.

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