Here’s your one chance Fancy, don’t let me down

Kathy Cooke

Everyone these days that I know is trying to save money every way they can.

I know BM and I used to stay at a hotel somewhere probably every other month. Since we took short trips, we felt like we were “saving” money.

Sometimes we would go to Austin, Round Rock, College Station or Houston. We were big time when we went to Houston.

But we would go out to eat several times during our weekend and it would end up not being very economical after all.

Then the bottom fell out and our entire community was tossed aside like used toilet paper and lo and behold, we only thought we were being frugal. Now we just don’t go anymore. That’s frugal.

So when BM got the chance to go see LSU play with his buddies, they planned it on the weekend that Rockdale had an open date. They were leaving on Friday and coming back late Saturday. I was going to have a relaxing week-end to myself. I couldn’t wait.

Then Wednesday we came home from work and our house was hot. The world stopped rotating for me at that point.

Anyone who knows BM and I know that we are both very hot natured. That night we thought we could stick it out.

We had our bedroom ceiling fan going and each one of us had a big box fan blowing on us on our sides of the bed. It was torture and neither of us slept at all.

Of course, we had to have a new part to our new air conditioner unit and it had to be ordered. I wasn’t sleeping in Hell House another night. So I called Rainbow Courts.

Other than getting a room for relatives or friends coming to visit, one doesn’t think about spending the night in a hotel right in your town. But, we were hot. And not the good kind.

I explained to Gina at the front desk that BM and I were both very hot natured and did they have a room that got really cold, with a huge king-size bed so he can actually fit in it.

Gina had the perfect room for us, it was called The Garden Room and when we got there, it was indeed nice and cool. But even better than that, it was absolutely gor-geous.

The bed and linens were luxurious, it is the only way to describe them. There were little soaps, shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, lip balm, even peppermint balm to rub into your temples to reduce stress. I wondered if maybe that came in a large economy size tub.

It had a kitchen, dining table, refrigerator, the coolest gourmet coffee maker I had ever seen, with real cream and sugar. It was heavenly.

I decided I would move in permanently. I also explained to BM, that one had to wear “pretty” pajamas when staying in such a beautiful place. His big T-shirt wasn’t going to work.

That night, cool and snuggled in, I slept like a baby. When BM woke up, he was a bit startled. I was sitting in a chair, all dolled up, wearing pretty pajamas, high heels and a tiara, drinking coffee out of a beautiful mug. He squinted and focused his eyes on me. “What are you doing Bunny?”

I said “Drinking fancy coffee, in a fancy room, wearing fancy pajamas and a tiara. You know, just like Crystal Carrington.”

He opened his eyes wider. “But...uh, you...don’t drink coffee.”

I said “Well I can’t very well drink a Diet Mountain Dew, in this outfit.” He just smiled. He always does that when he’s not sure what to say.

Have you seen that commercial with the lady thinking she’s rich because she saved so much money on her cell phone bill? She thought she drove a BMW instead of a station wagon.

I felt like Crystal Carrington in that room and nobody could convince me otherwise.

I told him that I would be staying there the next night while he was in Louisiana, even if the air conditioner was fixed.

And so I did. What a wonderful, luxurious, restful couple of nights. I felt like I had gone to a spa or something. And then I drove straight home. All of our animals, not realizing that I had come home as Crystal Carrington, demanded food immediately upon my arrival. I told them that Crystal Carrington doesn’t feed animals. But they didn’t care.

What a surprising, wonderful place we have right here in our very own town. So luxurious, yet very economical.

I’ve said this before people, we have got to stick together. We must support the businesses right here in our community.

We may be down, but we are not out. And we aren’t going anywhere.

We shall be staying in The Garden Room at Rainbow Courts again. Very soon.

I bought new pajamas.

I just need to get my tiara back from Mike Brown.

But that is another story for another time.

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