Warranty Deeds

A .W. Za jicek Jr. and D oris Lamerle Zajicek to Lavelle Fischer Glaser – two tracts, Jose Antonio DePena Survey A- 43 (v. 1,156, p. 239).

Elizabeth F. Rucker to John Tomlinson Stem – Fernando Rodriguez Survey (v. 1,156, p. 290).

Charlie Gene Balch and Kathy Balch to Raymond Jungmann – Jose A. DePena Survey A- 43 (v. 1,156, p. 376).

Gwen L. Hauk to Lavelle Fischer Glaser – J.A. DePena Survey A- 43 (v. 1,156, p. 395).

Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, Robert T. Johnson, pastor, and Lorenzo Majors, deacon, to Earl Gean Fillmore – W.W. Lewis League (v. 1,156, p. 466).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Dennis D. Marek and Monica B. Marek to Steven D. Kirk and Kathryn M. Kirk – Francisco Antonio de los Rios Survey, A-302 (v. 1,156, p. 269).

Jane Surovik and Paula Sisco to Oscar Castro and Laura Castro – Boedker Addition, Cameron (v. 1,156, p. 327).

Carrol Fuson and Audrey L . Fuson to Terry Welch and Teresa Welch – D. Monroe Grant, Cameron (v. 1,156, p. 356).

Special Warranty Deeds

A.W. Zajicek Jr. to Doris Lamerle Zajicek aka Doris Lamerle Jazicek – Jose Antonio DePena Survey A- 43 (v. 1,156, p. 234).

Thelma Joyce Richards to Alice Faye Goldsby – Grammer School Addition, Cameron (v. 1,156, p. 254).

Segie Dawn Lawrence et al to Harry L. Guillote and Patricia A. Guillote – Juan Jose Acosta Survey A-1 (v. 1,156, p. 297).

Robbilee Brownhill Hull to Richard Bradley Hull – Eliza Sante League A-317 (v. 1,156, p. 414).

AmeriQuest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005 R4 and Asset- Backed Pass-Thru Certificate Series 2005- R4, American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc., attorney, and Deutsche Bank National Trust, co-trustee, to Stonecrest Income & Opportunity Fund I LLC – Tomerlin Subdivision, Minvera (v. 1,156, p. 438).

Clarence Andrew Wieland Estate, Clarence Andrew Wieland II, indpendent executor, to Clarence Andrew Wieland II – Wiley Harrison Survey (v. 1,156, p. 452).

Clarence Andrew Wieland Estate, Clarence Andrew Wieland II, independent executor, to Linda Ann Crofts and Rosemary Ray Allen – J.J. Liendo Grant A-31 (v. 1,156, p. 456).

Distribution Deeds

Deborah Kotrola Estate, Lennice McAdams, independent executrix, to Lennice McAdams et al – Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,156, p. 369).

Cynthia S. Roesler Trust (May 16, 1997), Bank of America NA, trustee, to Cynthia Sapp Pace (v. 1,156, p. 417).

Sheriff’s Deed

Milam County et al to Raebon Stanley King – Cause No. 31341 (v. 1,156, p. 352).

Milam County et al to Weldon Eugene Davis Jr. ( v. 1,156, p. 354).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Jerry Nemec, Marvin Nemec and Betsy Nemec Hilliard to Dyad Petroleum Co. – Jackson Hall League Survey A-189 (v. 1,156, p. 247).

Jerr y Tate Brown and Linda Denise Brown to XTO Energy Inc. – A . H. Boles Sur vey A - 101 ( v. 1,156, p. 263).

Joseph Stryker Sulak et al to Tahiti Partners Energy Solutions Cor p. – A costa Sur vey A - 1 ( v. 1,156, p. 431).

Probate Cases Filed

Lucinda A nn Milton applied for the Wesley Minton Williams Esta te – let ter s testa mentar y (PR10789).

Chester Clark applied for the Frances Ann Clark Estate – letters testamentary (PR10790).

Beverly Angell applied for the Maria F. Zarosky Estate – letters testamentary (PR10791).

Darcy Friedmann applied for the Cora Davis Estate – letters of administration (PR10792).


Civil Cases Filed

Milam County vs. Larr y Lawrence Viney et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Beverly Edwards et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Arnette Moore et al – tax case.

Milam Count y vs. Octaviano Solomon et al – tax case.

Environmental Rental Services Ltd. vs. D& G Environmental LLC – consumer/commercial debt.

Milam County vs. Nathan Beasley et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Clifton Michael Bass et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Jerry Lockridge et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Clyde Pounders et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Cecil Kenneth Gifford et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Janice Cowen et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Santos Vargas et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Deborah J. Stout et al – tax case.

Rodney Kern vs. Merico Abatement Contractors et al – injury, other.

Edward Malkey et al vs. Farm Bureau County Mutual Insurance Co. of Texas – injur y, damage, motor vehicle.

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