Sensational jam session benefit set for Saturday

No communit y comes together bet ter than ou r own Milam Count y when it comes to helping out one of our ow n.

On Saturd ay, there will be a truly “Sensational” jam se s- sion benefit for the Ricky Matthews fam ily at Nat’s Plac e ne ar Milano.

For tho se of you who still like to pretend th at you’ve never been to Nat ’s and can’t reme mber where it is, I am sure you can google it.

Rick y Matt hews, a 1975 RHS grad and one of the musicians who has rocked us all from way back, needs our help.

He ha s prost ate cancer. “This benefit will help him and his family wit h med ic al expenses in thi s time of nee d,” said Doc Shu ffield, organizer.

Ye s, that Doc Shuffield . Another one of our very special home -grow n musicians, Doc is organ iz ing the benefit.

Matthews Matthews “This Sensat ional Jam Se s- sion will feature some of Central

Tex as finest musicians,” said Shuffield.

“There is a st rong history with the se musicians and Ric ky. Start ing in 197 8, Ricky and I played lots of Rock ‘n Roll at Nat ’s. And that tradition cont inues to thi s day,” said Shu ffield.

Feat ured mu sicians will include Ricky Mat thew s, Br uce Bray, Robert Flore s and also David Zychek.

Cra sh Landi ng will be on hand to rock the crowd and will include Shuffield, Paul Brown, Ric k Turnpaugh, Ric k Va il, Keith Kelln and Doug Hoelscher.

Other music ian s will include Duck Shu ffield, Ronnie Grif fin, Eric Raines, David Scafe and other sp ecial guests.

“The family’s medical exp enses have been pi lling up with Ricky ’s tre atment and he’s be en unable to work,” sa id Shu ffield.

Matt hews is currently taking treat ments in Temple.

Matt hews’ wife Linda also has some he alth issues and cost s associated with that.

The bene fit will be held at the Nat ’s in Mila no. The live music will start at 7 p. m.

There will be a $10 donation taken at the door and all proceed s will be donated to the Matt hews family.

There will also be a silent auction and they are accepting donations. BBQ sandwiche s will be av ailable, whi le the y last.

To donate auction items or to help in any way, cont act Shuffield at 512- 749 -9976.

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