‘Shoutout to Milano’ for helping bus passengers

Dear editor,

We are cross country coaches from A&M Consolidated Middle School in College Station.

We would like to share the outpouring of kindness that was shown to us in Milano when our bus broke down.

We pulled over in a safe area across the street from the Cefco station.

The home owners were kind enough to let us park the bus there while we waited for the wrecker and another bus to pick us up.

We hadn’t been waiting for more than three minutes when an off duty sheriff’s officer pulled in to check on us and offered to have a deputy come and wait with us.

Milano Junior High volleyball coach Catrina Steinbecker stopped us and asked if we needed anything.

Next in line was former Milano ISD school board member Kim Lenz who offered to get us to the high school so we wouldn’t have to wait on the side of the road.

She even checked on the incoming storm that was brewing to see if shelter other than the bus would be needed.

In the meantime a city employee stopped to see if he could look at the bus for us then a school bus driver also pulled up to offer assistance.

Soon after, Milano Supt. Lindy Robinson, her husband and precious little dog Peanut came and waited with us for a while more, then were willing to let us wait at the high school, to ensure our kids safety. She even offered to have her transportation mechanic come out and look at the bus for us.

We felt that our bus would be there shortly and decided to wait it out.

When we realized that it would be another 45 minutes we took our kids across the highway to wait inside the gas station.

The employees of the gas station were more than happy to let them sit inside, use the restroom and get something to eat.

This tremendous showing of generosity is what small towns are all about.

We again appreciate all of the kind support shown to us by the fine people of Milano, Texas.

We wish we had gotten all of the names of the people who stopped to offer assistance but we would like to offer a huge shout out to the entire town.

Jennifer Nelson,

Karen Westbrook

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