Great weather, great friends and great fair

Kathy Cooke

Wasn ’t the weather for this past Fair week- end absolutely gorgeous!

I got to see lots of great fr iends. That is the best thing about the Rockd ale Fa ir. I got to go to the L ives to ck Auction for the fir st ti me. I have alway sworked theLion sClub b oo th in t he p as t and I us u - ally missed most of the Fair each yea r.

The Sa le wa s very interesting and I fin ally got to se e the kids in action. Man, a lot of hard work goes into those an imals. The pa st few years us Cookes like to buy either a pig or chickens be cau se, well, we li ke to eat and there are a lot of us.

So that was the plan this year as well.

Butthen little Carlee Clark walked out with that big turkey, which was much bigger tha n she was. I melted right there on the spot.

She was so st inki ng cute in her lit tle crown. My hand went up in spite of my self.

She could have sold me a skunk I think.

The on ly probl em I en coun - tered wa s after get ting our photo taken as a buyer, I didn’t know how to get back to our seats.

So I aske d one of t he you ng “helpers” how to get back .

She told me I nee de d to hop that fenc e, then hop th at other fence.

I wa ited for her to laugh and say “just kidd ing!” But she didn’t.

Honey, I do not hop.

I gue ss I should fee l flattered that she actuallly thought I could hoist myself up over a fence.

Heck, sometimes, I have prob - lems with curbs.

My deepest respect and admirat ion go out to all the kids and their parent s for all of the hard work.

A lso tho se were some of th e prettiest cowsIhaveeverseen.

The y cou ld have all been the cows on the Blue Bell Ice Cream commercia l.

Next week we will have more Fai r Tha nk Yous and photos.

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