Thanksgiving night ticket on my bucket list

Marie Bakken

A s the month of October winds down and the month of November rolls around, my thoughts turn to the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving. Why you might ask? I’m an Aggie, why do you think? This year’s annual Lone Star Showdown will be the last (for a while anyway) as Texas A&M leaves Texas and the rest of the Big 12 for the Southeast Conference.

This “divorce” of sorts puts a really big damper on my “sports bucket list.” You see, in 2010 I wrote a column about sporting events and venues that I’d like to go to before I “kick the bucket.” Yes, I am only 33, but you know, there are just things I’d like to be sure I do.

In that initial article, I mentioned wanting to go to Jerry’s World (Cowboys’ stadium), a Duke-North Carolina basketball game at Cameron Indoor and to watch the Houston Astros in a World Series (yes, I am aware hell may freeze over before that will happen again).

One thing I forgot to mention is one that you’d think I should have been to, but haven’t. I want to go to an Aggie vs. Longhorn football game. As maroon as my blood runs, I have never been to one of the longest standing rivalries in college football. Yes, I am as surprised as you are.

It wasn’t that I never wanted to go, I just never could go. Growing up, my family and I couldn’t afford the tickets.

When in college at Texas A&M, I just never could find anyone to go with me, so I just watched it on TV with my family. Now that I am an adult and parent, that not being able to afford it thing (or find a baby sitter) comes into play.

I’ve tried requesting a press pass to this year’s game, but they are being a bit stingy and only want working media there. Imagine that.

Hubby Buck may get to go with his student sports pass that gets him a ticket, but more than likely he will have to work that night and Aggie ticket folks already said no student tickets can be converted into guests seats. That almost qualifies for a “horse laugh.” (Only Aggies will get that.)

So, as a person who doesn’t ask for much for myslf, I am just wondering if any of you wonderful readers of The Rockdale Reporter could help a girl out here and spare an extra ticket. I’d even be willing to sit in a sea of orange if you don’t mind me wearing my maroon Aggie shirt.

Yes, I have pondered over writing this column and finally decided that the worse thing that could happen was that I still wouldn’t get a ticket and would still get to enjoy the game in the warm living room of my brother Chad’s house in our annual get-together to watch the game. It gets a little loud in there and we even “saw varsity’s horns off.” But if I didn’t ask for help getting a ticket, I would have even a less chance of going.

So, if you want to help this Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2000 girl mark an item off her “sports bucket list” and know where to get an extra ticket to that Aggie-Longhorn matchup on Turkey Night, shoot me an email or call me at The Reporter. (I might even be willing to do your laundry.) God bless and Gig ‘Em.


The last six weeks my sister Catrina, brother-in-law Gary and I have coached a group of youngsters (ages 3 to 6) in soccer. This is one sport I know nada about, but my kids wanted to play, so why not. It has been so fun. The kids get more excited about water breaks and snacks after the games than they do when they score a goal. Some of them have really good soccer skills and others make fantastic cheerleaders.

I just wanted to take this time to thank our “Maroon Team Milano Eagles” soccer parents, grandparents and families for sharing your kiddos with us. It has been a blast.

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