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Hello, Rockdale. Well, it is officially fall and the start to yet another holiday season. During this time of year it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus or motivation.

I read the following on the different ways to effectively motivate people to produce and do a better job. Here is what it said:

Some motivational experts say there are five hints for motivating others. By fulfilling these five needs, you can make sure you and your employees stay motivated:

• Economic Security—Workers should feel that their time and effort will be fairly rewarded.

• Emotional Security—Management must create a climate in which employees “trust” their superiors and feel that their jobs contribute to a worthwhile goal.

• Recognition—Employees should feel that good work will be appreciated and praised.

• Self Expression—We live in a democracy, and none of us should feel that we surrender that heritage when we enter our place of employment. Employees should have the right to communicate ideas, suggestions, fears, and opinions to their superiors without fear of retribution.

• Self Respect—This is simply the need to be treated as an individual, as a human being, not a statistic.

With the economy in a slump and unemployment at all-time highs, it is easy to say this is an employer’s market. However, nothing brings business like happy, content and loyal employees. It is time now, more than ever, for Rockdale to come together.

Employers and employees can make this town a place that people want to visit and live in. That is the chamber’s vision. I hope you all have a great week.

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