Drug busts

Local law enforcement doing their best in never-ending effort

Law enforcement agencies in Milam County continue their unceasing efforts in fighting a battle that sometimes must seem frustrating to all involved.

Over the past couple of weeks about two dozen persons have been arrested on drug charges, following an eightmonth large-scale drug sting investigation which involved a lot of work by Deputy Sheriff Mike Clore.

The sting targeted dealers in Rockdale and Cameron. Many of the names were quite familiar to the law enforcement community.

So were the locations. One of two Rockdale houses which were targeted for the raid was just over 500 feet away from Rockdale High School.

Two locations were raided in Cameron, one an apartment complex directly across the street from Yoe High School and another about 1,000 feet away from a children’s park.

The stings involved setting up controlled buys. There were 44 of them over a two-month period. As you can see by the locations involved, Milam County drug dealers aren’t shy about where they set up shop.

Nobody is saying the arrest of a couple of dozen drug dealers is going to put a permanent dent in drug dealing, or in the drug supply for that matter.

But it sure doesn’t hurt to plant a little “looking over your shoulder” attitude among the county’s drug community. It certainly sends the right message from the law enforcement community. If you use or deal drugs in Milam County, we’re coming after you with everything we’ve got.

Over 30 deputies, officers, constables, troopers, Rockdale and Cameron police, and a Texas Ranger assisted in the roundup.

But it’s an every hour, every day effort. Check out the weekly reports in this paper of how many drug arrests are made as the result of traffic stops.

It’s a thankless job. But Milam County is fortunate we have people who will do it.—M.B.

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