We need ‘Be Nice to Fast Food Folks’ month

I t’s too bad this is November instead of August. I’d like to propose a special month and November is pretty much already filled up with special stuff.

I think we need a Be Nice to Fast Food Folks Month after hearing about some of the stuff the, mostly young, employees of fast food restaurants have been putting up with lately.

I’m not talking about rudeness, either, although I’ll bet many burger f lippers could tell you stories about rude customers.

Of course we all need to be reminded from time to time that being rude to some kid in an entry level job is inexcusable.

The late William F. Buckley Jr. once said—surprisingly in words of less than six syllables—that there are sometimes good reasons for executing somebody but never any for hurting their feelings.

What I’m talking about is a lot worse than rudeness:

• During the past week in A lbany, Georgia, a customer firebombed a Taco Bell because he didn’t get enough meat on his supersized chalupa. The restaurant manager told police an irate customer had phoned to complain about the amount of beef in his chalupa and was told the restaurant was closing and there was nothing they could do about it that day.

He responded with a racial slur and promised to “come back and redecorate the place.”

A few minutes later a “Molotov Cocktail” crashed against the drive-through. It didn’t go off and no one was hurt.

Police are still searching for the would-be bomber.

• A woman named Melodi Dushane was arrested in Toledo, Ohio, after a customer went into a rage, shattering the drive-through window of a McDonald’s with her fists and trying to attack a restaurant employee inside. Why? It was 6:30 a.m. and the restaurant was not yet serving the lunch-dinner menu item she had ordered.

It was billed as the first-ever incident of “McNugget Rage.”

• In Daytona Beach, Florida, a woman stormed into a Wendy’s with a taser and chased several employees through the restaurant’s kitchen.

Police said the taser was “armed and beeping,” but apparently the assailant was either bluffing or failed to find a clear shot as the frightened employees fled.

Twenty-year-old Melanie Reid was arrested.

She told police the Wendy’s servers had not provided the extra mustard and mayonnaise packets she had requested.

• In Lee’s Summit, Missouri— where I’ve been many times!— police arrested a local man after he pulled a shotgun on employees in the drive-through of a Taco Bell.

Jeremy Combs told police he went back to the restaurant after getting home, opening his order and finding no hot sauce. Combs at first told investigators he didn’t have a shotgun, that he had only attacked the Taco Bell employees with a tire iron.(!)

That stor y fell apar t when police searched his house and found a loaded shotgun hidden behind some pillows.

Combs, who previously had 14 felony arrests and three convictions, confessed.

• None of those involved actual injuries but this one did.

A nd rew Gra h n, Tac o Bel l employee in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin— what is it about Taco Bells?—sustained a badly broken arm in a bizarre incident involving three high school sophomores.

The sophs were going around town doing “grab and runs” at fast-food restaurants.

They’d pull up, order something, then grab the sack and speed away without paying.

A kid in the back seat was videoing the whole thing. The sophomores apparently had hopes of getting their video on an MTV program which specializes in such behavior.

They had already successfully pulled off the same prank at a McDonald’s, a Wendy’s and a Burger King.

But at Taco Bell, they ran off with Andrew Grahn’s arm. Until it broke.

That one is sort of different than the others, where the perpetrators all displayed cruel or psychotic actions.

This was just a bunch of stupid kids. Although I’ll bet that wasn’t much comfort to Andrew Grahn.

I think I’m going to give an extra smile and “thank you” to the next kids who waits on me.

Care to join me?

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