School district offering recycling opportunites for community

This year Rockdale ISD has been provided the opportunity to engage the district, community and our students in a worthwhile service project. As our world continues to grow in population so does the demand for products that allow us to live in a fast paced and disposable society.

As a society we have increased our demand for products made from paper, plastic, glass and soft metals. At the same time we have created a need for recycling disposable materials.

Only one of these products (paper) can break down over long periods of time when buried in any of our landfills. Thus a solution to reuse materials becomes even more ev ident. Even though recycling products has been around for several generations our need to recycle and desire to recycle continues to grow as our younger generations begin to thing about their future.

This past summer severa l RISD employees (Rebecca Geletka, Rebecca King and Cheryln Ellis) wrote and submitted a grant to Alcoa that provides for a sustainable recycling program. Recently Alcoa announced that this grant has been awarded to RISD for the full $ 20,000 to begin a recycling program.

The Rockdale High School FFA has adopted recycling as one of its service projects for this year and is operating the high school recycling efforts. On the other campuses the iTiger program is working with the recycling program.

This past week RISD began its Alcoa recycling program for paper products and aluminum. The recycling container is located on the high school campus in the parking lot close to the Ag shop and it is open to the public to bring paper products, including cardboard. If you are not currently using a paper recycling container already located in Rockdale you are welcome to use the container located on the high school campus.

We encourage people to recycle, and we expect that the paper products will be placed inside the container and not left outside the container. Aluminum is recycled separately and not in the big blue container at the high school.

Through the afternoon iTiger program, our elementary students are recycling all products through a different program. They are recycling paper, glass, plastic, and cans. Their container will be located on the elementary campus.

Parents send their recyclable products to the school and they are placed in a canister and separated later by the recycling company.

The recycling programs allow our students to practice skills that are important to their f uture and they prov ide our community an opportunity to “go green.” The district appreciates the grant funding and support from Alcoa for the district wide recycling program.

We also are appreciative of Greenopol is a nd A lpha Tau Delta for their support of the recycling program at the elementary campus. The FFA and iTigers programs have provided great value and service to our efforts to live in a more sustainable society.

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