Pack a bag, we’re leaving in 20 minutes

Thi s past Sat urday morning, hu sband told me to “pack a over night bag, we’re leav ing in 20 minutes on a surprise bir thday trip.”

He would n’t tell me where we were going or what we were going to do when we got there. That didn’t sit well with the Aggr essive - sometimes- Passive- Aggressive Control- Freak that I am. “Well where are we going? I have to know what to pack . I have to know what kind of outfits and shoes I need to wear.

“Also do I have time to take a shower now or will I have time to ta ke a shower before we go and do whatever it is that we are going to do tonig ht? Do I need a dressy outfit or all casual? Will I need tenn is shoes or casual sand als?”

You now, normal quest ions. He just sa id “Now we are leaving in 18 minutes.”

Our first stop wa s for me to get a ma ssage at Galler ia Day Spa in Bryan. It was awesome. The only trouble was that I couldn’t stay awa ke afterwards.

Sweet Pea Sweet Pea Af ter a litt le nap, I woke up outside Nav asota and I realized we were on our way to Houston.

We stayed at our usual Galleria area hotel. Shopped, relaxed , ate gre at foo d, including awesome cajun food at BB’s, owne d by Brooks Bassler.

Also got to visit with brother Kyle, friend Le e and my beautifu l Pug- Neice, Sweet Pea.

When we arr ived at their apart ment, Swe et Pea met us at the door, weari ng her new Lady- Bug Halloween costume. She stood in front of me first, then Bill.

We were not al lowed to spea k to Kyle and Lee until she had her fill of compliment s.

A woman after my own hear t.

Don’t you just love surprises!

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