Warranty Deeds

Bill Harris to Cameron Economic Development Corp. – D. Monroe Survey (v. 1,158, p. 577).

Donald A. Shapiro and Janet Allen Shapiro to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. – Linwood Acres, Rockdale (v. 1,158, p. 579).

Mary A. Fariss to Ronald T. Randig and Melissa M. Randig – James W. Harvey Survey A-188 (v. 1,159, p. 124).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Luther Charles Sanders and June Sanders to Bill Harris – D. Monroe Survey (v. 1,158, p. 568).

Charles Bland and Gaye Bland to Ginger Caffey – Lot 6, Block 20, Rockdale (v. 1,158, p. 605).

Stanley Budnik to Christina Ceridwen – James A. Prewitt Survey A-288 (v. 1,158, p. 660).

Charles Yount and Molly Yount to Timothy Walch and Candice Walch – Oliver Farnsworth Survey A-163 (v. 1,158, p. 736).

Wesley D. Chernosky and Joyce P. Henderson to Yutaka Wajima – Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,158, p. 742).

Rosalind Brinkley, individually and as president, Cameron Bed & Breakfast Inc. to Thomas P. Sims and Mary C. Sims – Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,158, p. 763).

James S. Gipson and Shelli Gipson to Gary Dale McDaniels and Cynthia Deon McDaniels aka Cindy McDaniels – J.J. Acosta Survey A-1 (v. 1,158, p. 826).

Ernest David Henry, Bobby Jo Henry and Ann Elaine Henry to Gary Dale McDaniels and Cynthia Deon McDaniels – J.J. Acosta Survey A-1 (v. 1,158, p. 831).

Bryan D. Boyle and Wendelin D. Boyle to Leo M. Bender – J.D. Sanchez Survey A-55 (v. 1,159, p. 35).

Special Warranty Deeds

City of Cameron to Ronnie Sowders – Daniel Monroe League, Lyles Addition (v. 1,158, p. 537).

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Brian William Browning – Linwood Acres, Rockdale (v. 1,158, p. 581).

Callie Lee Cunningham to Georgia Wise – three tracts, Gause (v. 1,158, p. 773).

Special Warranty Deed

With Vendor’s Lien

Fairview Subdivision Development LLC, Terry Arledge, manager, to Larry Earl Blevins – Fairview Subdivision (v. 1,158, p. 691).

Gift Deed

Nelson D. Johnson and Marilyn Johnson to Justin Nelson Johnson and Tracie Leighann Johnson – 10 acres, Daniel Robertson Survey (v. 1,158, p. 880).

Trustees Deed

Thyrza Lee Looney Tyrrell Testamentary Trust, Capital One NA, trustee, to George Edward Murphy Jr. and Mary C. Murphy aka Kathy Murphy (v. 1,158, p. 560).

Substitute Trustees Deed

Jay Williamson, substitute trustee, Jeffrey Kuenstler and Melisa Day to Robert L. Wade – Garner Wells Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,158, p. 758).

Memorandum Leases

Curtis L. Terrell Jr. to XTO Energy Inc. – two tracts, Francisco Ruiz Survey A-54 (v. 1,158, p. 777).

Jewell Ely Moore Estate, Joe G. Moore Jr., testamentary trustee, to XTO Energy Inc. – A.W. Sullivan Survey A-326 (v. 1,158, p. 779).

Joe G. Moore Jr. and Loretta Moore to XTO Energy Inc. to T. J. Chambers Survey A- 6 (v. 1,158, p. 781).

Twyla S. Hinson to XTO Energy Inc. – Francisco Ruiz Survey A- 54 (v. 1,158, p. 878).

Gary Dean Emola and Deryl Carl Emola to XTO Energy Inc., James L. Death, senior vice president- land – William E. Harris Survey A-27 (v. 1,158, p. 896).

Jimmy D. McCord to XTO Energy Inc. – T.J. Chambers Survey A- 6 (v. 1,158, p. 898).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Bobbye L. Runnels to Dyad Petroleum Co. – John Butler A-103 (v. 1,158, p. 542).

Karen Dixon to Dyad Petroleum Co. – John Butler A-103 (v. 1,158, p. 545).

Roland Gonzalez and Tammy Gonzalez to XTO Energy Inc. – James McLaughlin Survey A-36 (v. 1,158, p. 874).

Probate Cases Filed

Loyd Gene Ragan applied for the Earl Ray Lewis Estate – letters testamentary (PR10799).

Weldon Eugene Smith and Gary Allen Smith applied for the J. J. Smith Estate – letters testamentary (PR10800).

Charles Robert Burgess applied for Raymond Richard Burgess Estate – letters testamentary (PR10801).


Civil Cases Filed

Equable Ascent Financials LLC vs. Sandy Buckmaster – consumer/ commercial debt.

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